DLS vs. Centennial: Second quarter

Halftime thoughts: It’s only 24-7 so let me stress that this game is FAR from over. That said, it would be tough for De La Salle to play a more dominant half of football. All the talk you’ve heard that this team is on a mission? Their effort in the first half would indicate that it’s all true. Centennial is a really, really good football team. Don’t go ANYWHERE because this thing isn’t close to being over.

Also, a quick note. I’ll have to stop blogging play by play in the fourth quarter so that you all can read about it the game in the paper tomorrow. I’ll give periodic updates to the best of my ability.

HALFTIME SCORE: De La Salle 24, Centennial-Corona 7.
Before you go get some popcorn, check out the newest photos provided by Jose Carlos Fajardo and Ray Saint Germain.
Photo gallery: First half of DLS/Centennial game 

Second quarter (DLS drive): Knee by Wayne and its halftime. 24-7 DLS. 

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Bass jumped to take the kickoff at the 1 and took it out to the 18. 1:21 remaining as the Huskies get one last shot at narrowing the gap heading into halftime. Bass to the left for a few yards. Ball on the 23. Bass again to the 28. First down. 54 seconds left in the half. Centennial runs the Statue of Liberty and Andrew Garaventa said YOU’RE NOT BOISE STATE and stuffed it. Centennial takes timeout with 41 seconds left and the ball on the 30. Thank you Mr. Bryson for the colorful reference. Screen to Marsel Posey and he’s gang-tackled with the quickness. Ball to the 35. Brings up 3rd and 4. 26 seconds remaining in the half. A lateral to Bass is stuffed by Dominic Russo in the backfield and DLS is going to take timeout and force the Huskies to punt. Punt goes out of bounds and DLS has the ball with 7 seconds left.

Touchdown thoughts: First of all, Mike Czyz made a leaping stab at the touchdown pass. Good thing he missed. That’s gotta feel good for MacGillivray. He’s got some confidence back. Drive was seven plays, 52 yards and took 3:17 off the clock. 1:28 remaining in the half. 

Second quarter (DLS drive): Ball on the Centennial 48. Pica with a run for four yards. Ball on the 44. Timeout DLS. For those watching the game on TV, rest assured those hits look much more vicious in person. DLS is hitting like I haven’t seen it hit so far this year. Unbeliveable. Blake Wayne just got nailed by William Sutton. Whoa. Now that was a hit. Ball goes back to the DLS 46 and it’ll be 3rd and 16. Screen to Butler who makes two guys ABSOLUTELY miss and breaks a big gainer. Kudos to the refs who resisted the urge to blow the whistle and call him down. Butler ends up on the Centennial 23. Pica on first down can’t find any room and loses yardage. Ball on the 25 and its 2nd and 12. Wayne goes right but Sutton runs him down. William Sutton is playing very well right now. Brings up 3rd and 13 and MacG is in at QB. Ball on the 25. Nice pass from MacG for Czyz but a nice play by Centennial’s cornerback. DLS is in four-down territory though and the Spartans will go. MacGillivray rolls left and finds Michael Dosen at the 2-yard line. Dosen spins in and the Spartans are on the board again. 25-yard touchdown pass with 1:28 left in the half. Biel’s PAT is good. Score: DLS 24, Centennial 7   

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Amack hit a low liner and I would not want to be on the field right now. There is somem serious hitting going on. Ball on the Centennial 24 to begin the drive. Bass up the middle for a good gain. Ball to the 29. 2nd and 5. Scott on the option stopped by Vigney. Ball on the 33. Bass off the left side and that’s a big gain. Down to the DLS 47. 1st and 10. Scott wrapped up at the line by Jordan Bouey. Ball on the 45. 2nd and 8. Option right and Vigney racked Scott. Jensen recovered the bad pitch and DLS has the ball again. 

Touchdown thoughts: That was a great play call. The middle of the defense bit, the safeties bit and Carrie was wide open. The drive went 8 plays, 67 yards and took 3:36 off the clock. Is there anything Travis Carrie can’t do? 6:49 left in the half.

Second quarter (DLS drive): Ball on the DLS 33 to begin the drive. Blake Wayne at QB. Tito Pica up the middle on the dive. Give him seven yards to the 40 and it’ll be 2nd and 3. Kylan Butler made Burfict miss in the backfield and he’s got a first down. Ball on the DLS 46. Brady Amack climbs the ladder to pull down a high pass from Wayne. Ladies and gentlemen, Brady Amack is a flat-out stud. First down on the Centennial 42. Butler up the middle to the 37. Five yard gain and it’s 2nd and 5. Pica shows some patience and cuts back nicely for a good run. 3rd and 1 from the 33. Wayne on the keeper to the right and the chains are moving. Ball on the 29. Wayne off left tackle and he’s stacked up. Nice play by Anthony Whitlow for Centennial. Brings up 2nd and 9 from the 28. Play action and the Spartans SCORE! Travis Carrie was wide open up the left sideline and Wayne found him perfectly. 28-yard scoring strike. Biel’s PAT is true and the Spartans are up 17-7. Score: De La Salle 17, Centennial 7. 

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Amack’s kick taken by Ricky Marvray from the 5 out to the 35. That’s where the Huskies will start. 11:36 left in the half. Scott short-hops a pass intended for Nick Beasley. 2nd and 10. Option fumbled by Scott back to the 30 and out of bounds. 3rd and 15. Vigney just planted Scott on that play. Ouchie. Shovel pass to Bass but Brady Amack is waiting. Ball on the 40 and the Huskies send on the punt unit. Carrie returns the punt and DLS gets the ball back.

Scoring drive thoughts: DLS did what it had to do but the Spartans have to be disappointed with just three points. Bass had 61 yards in the first quarter, for those who wanted to know. 

Second quarter (DLS drive, cont.): DLS resumes its drive at the Centennial 8, 2nd and goal. Wayne to Butler and it was clear Butler was a checkdown option. Ball on the 8 after no gain on the play. Fade to the corner for Perio is incomplete and Garrett Biel is on for the field goal. It’ll be a 25-yard field goal from the right hash mark. This is not an easy kick. It’s good and we’ll get running into the kicker as well. Penalty is declined. Score: De La Salle 10, Centennial 7.


  • cfl

    Scott can’t too many more hits like that. I think Bass even looks a bit weary.

  • tj

    waiting on more info

  • TM

    Looks like DLS is on the way to returning to their old glory. Great first half.

  • Rooting for north

    Dude, don’t string us along then ditch us in the 4th! This is the only connection we get to the game out here in Idaho!

  • tj

    is bass and scott all centennial have?

  • Porque

    Now as that famous athlete once said, “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!” I can’t even believe how great Brady Amack is playing on both sides of the ball and Travis Carrie is likewise, playing like a madman, (albeit, a very talented and determined one!) As John Madden always says, “They can hurt you in so many ways!”

    Love your blogs, don’t bail on us in the second half. Dictate your comments to Chace, come on!!!

  • TM

    I have to second the others’ sentiments. I am in Virginia and need the blog to know what’s happening.