First champion crowned

Well, St. Bonaventure-Ventura is the first champion to be crowned today in Carson as the Seraphs defeated Central Catholic-Modesto 35-21 to win the Division III title. Both Darrell Scott of St. Bonaventure and Louis Bland of Central Catholic had ridiculously good games. We’ll have some stats for you as soon as we get them. Gutsy call of the day so far? St. Bonaventure apparently already had a championship banner made. So much for tempting fate. Anyway, relax, go get a cold beverage and take a breather. We’ve got postgame festivites to get through as everyone here in Carson awaits the Division II game between Novato and Oceanside.


  • cfl

    Ben, now that you have some time, can you go down to the field and tell Lindsay Soto that there’s a certain Canadian that lives in Walnut Creek that she should meet?

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    CFL, good to hear from you. Dude, last time I checked she was rolling with Mark Tennis and Eric Sondheimer talking shop down on the field.
    On to much bigger news… The Montreal Alouettes hired Marc Trestman? Ce qui?

  • Bob Bryson

    Two fantastic football coaches from Red Bluff High School will be there today. They know all about the geeks. You both should look them up.Bob

  • Bill K

    Good lord, it’s a Geeks love-fest. You people are shameless.
    What’s the over/under on number of people who aren’t a) CCT staffers, b) former CCT staffers or c) related to the Geeks reading this bad-boy today? Seven?

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    Seven die-hards baby!