More Central Catholic-St. Bonaventure

The Seraphs appeared to be driving but Central Catholic intercepted a pass inside its own 5-yard line and now has the ball back.  Simply put, Darrell Scott and Louis Bland could play for any team here today. They are men among boys. Bland is flying around on defense and had two tackles for loss on the last St. Bonaventure drive. Scott is cutting through the Central Catholic defense seemingly at will (at least when he can escape Bland). The score is still 14-14 with 2:05 left in the third quarter.

Central Catholic still has the ball and has moved to the St. Bonaventure 42. At the end of three quarters, we’re still tied at 14.

And St. Bonaventure has taken the lead! A 70-yard bomb from quarterback KC Serna to Drew Gibson puts the Seraphs ahead by a touchdown. Kirk’s PAT makes it 21-14 and if the Raiders want to come back, they’ll have to get started now. 10:35 remaining in the game. On a related note, more than a few Raiders supporters have donned blue and gold rugby shirts that look strikingly similar to Cal rugby shirts. I’d just like to say that I’m all for that.

The Seraphs are now officially rolling. Darrell Scott with a 10-yard TD run on a play where I didn’t think there was much chance of a score and St. Bonaventure is now in control. 28-14 St. Bonaventure with 4:56 left in the game.

And just like that, we’ve got a game. Max Nelson ripped off a 34-yard touchdown run and the Raiders have narrowed the gap to 28-21 with 3:48 remaining. Bland had two huge runs on the drive. An onside by Central Catholic is recovered by Serna and St. Bonaventure gets the ball on its own 49.

St. Bonaventure has the ultimate clock-killer and his name is Darrell Scott. He just hurdled a defender en route to a first down. KC Serna kept it on a designed QB run on 3rd and 2 and that forces a 4th down. St. Bonaventure is going to go for it and try to win right now. Well, Mr. Scott just etched his team’s name in state championship lore. Scott pulled up on a pitch to the right and threw a touchdown pass to Serna. After an unsportsmanlike penalty on Serna for celebrating, Kirk’s PAT is good and its 35-21 St. Bonaventure with 1:19 left.

My partner here is of the opinion that the last few calls there were a bit cutesy. Gotta say I agree with him but hey, what do the Seraphs care? It worked. This thing looks over to me.