Novato/Oceanside, 2nd Quarter

Halftime thoughts: Novato is in serious trouble if Jeff Stephens can’t come back and play effectively in the second half. There’s only so much Campas can do on QB keepers and option runs. Still though, the Hornets have the lead at the break, which is better than not having the lead. When I get stats, you’ll get ’em too.  

Second quarter, cont: Stephens has gone to the locker room and Kyle Campas has taken over at QB. Illegal procedure backs the Hornets up to their own 44. Campas pulls it down on a QB keeper and he’s down to the Novato 49. Campas pitches to Polvere on the option and it brings up 3rd and 9 from the 50. Oceanside burns a timeout with 11 seconds left and Novato looking at 4th down. Mendez up the middle for a few yards. Oceanside burns another timeout with 4th down upcoming from the Oceanside 49. 6 seconds left in the half. Mendez punts and the half is over. HALFTIME SCORE: Novato 14, Oceanside 7.

Second quarter, cont: Oceanside gets the ball on its own 21. 2:15 left in the half. Wynn looking for Gutierrez incomplete. 2nd down. Wynn screen to Gutierrez and Josh Greenwell was all over it. 3rd and 12 from the 19. Wynn’s pass caught by Enyard but its out of bounds. 4th down upcoming. Punt is a high one but it will die around the Novato 48. 1:03 remaining in the half.  

Second quarter, cont.: A screen from Stephens to Mendez doesn’t yield much. In fact, it’s a loss of 3. Pass over the middle from Stephens to Josh Greenwell nets the Hornets a first down. Ball on the 43. Stephens pass resembles a wounded duck and it brings up a 2nd and 10. Tipped pass falls to the ground. 3rd down.  Stephens is sacked for a six-yard loss and he is hurt. He had to be helped off the field. Looks like an ankle. Punt and Oceanside gets it back. 2:15 remaining in the half.

Second quarter, cont.: A pop-up kickoff gives Oceanside the ball on its own 28. The Pirates need an answer here or Novato might build up too much momentum. Draw to Taylor for a good gain on first down. Six-yard gain brings up 2nd and 4 from the 34. Sweep by Gutierrez gives Oceanside a first down on its own 40. Wynn goes deep and Kirk Pingatore is currently the man of the hour. Pingatore timed his jump perfectly and picked the pass off, giving Novato the ball on its own 32. That kid is playing his heart out today. 

Touchdown thoughts: Great effort on the option by Stephens but the slant to Vontellrop was the play of the drive. Novato did what any good team has to do though, scored when given a short field due to a turnover. The Hornets are rollign right now and that bodes well for them since it’s known in the Bay Area that Novato is a second-half team.

More 2nd quarter: A run by David Gutierrez would have netted the Pirates a first down but he coughed the rock up and Novato recovered. Diego Velasquez recovered the loose ball and Novato gets the ball on the Oceanside 39. Logan Edwards up the middle, nothing doing. Loss of one. Brings up 2nd and 11 on the 40. Stephens finds Vontellrop on a slant pattern and the play works to perfection. Vontellrop breaks a few tackles and gets down to the 3-yard line. 1st and goal. Inside handoff to Mendez, who had lined up at fullback, and he takes the ball inside the 1. 2nd and goal. Same play and Mendez is stacked up at the line. 3rd and goal. Stephens goes to the option right and he gets just enough for the touchdown. PAT by Ricardo Mendez is good and Novato has taken the lead. Score: Novato 14, Oceanside 7

Touchdown thoughts: Novato finally found some room to move on offense. Kyle Campas was really the game-breaker on the drive and Stephens was solid as well. I still think the option run will be something Novato can turn to as the game goes on because Stephens is quick and seems to make good reads when he does run it.  

Novato starts the quarter with the ball on the Oceanside 49. 1st and 10. Stephens keeps it on the option run and gets five yards. 2nd and 5. That option looks like it could work for the Hornets. Kyle Campas breaks free through the left side of the line and gets a big gain for a first down. Ball on the Oceanside 29. The Pirates take a timeout to get composed on defense and it’ll be 1st and 10 from the 29 when they come back. Mendez up the middle for no gain. Pass to Campas for two yards brings up 3rd and 8. Stephens finds Polvere on a middle screen and he takes it all the way down to the Oceanside 8. 1st and goal. Mendez around left end can’t find any room and he loses yardage. 2nd and goal from the 9. Stephens finds Mendez on a pass and Mendez makes a great one-handed catch, shakes off a couple defenders and bulls his way into the end zone. PAT by Ricardo Mendez is good and the Hornets have tied the score with 9:11 left in the half. Score: Oceanside 7, Novato 7.


  • cfl

    I think that’s the first time a NorCal team has led at the half. Stephens didn’t look too bad as he walked off the field before halftime, so my guess is he’ll play a series or two in the third quarter. Can’t believe that Pingatore is playing with a dislocated elbow. Who knew these Marin County kids were so tough?

  • scotts

    i live in northern california and hate novato after beating las lomas. hope navato loses.

  • Rooting for north

    Waiting to see some players get Czyzed!!!!!