Novato/Oceanside, 3rd Quarter

Fourth quarter, cont.: Novato has the ball on its own 39 staring at 3rd and 8. Stephens’ deep ball is picked by J.J. Whitaker and just like that, Oceanside is in control.  

Fourth quarter: The first game today was good but this one is just as good. Both games were tied at the end of the third quarter. What’s that tell you? IT’S GREAT TO BE HERE PEOPLE. Glad you’re along for the ride. 

Third quarter, cont: Novato is back in the driver’s seat. As I say that, a running play is pushed further backward than Dr. Phil’s hairline. 2nd and 12. Stephens to Vontellrop for a shot gainer and the third quarter is kaput. END OF THREE QUARTERS: Novato 14, Oceanside 14 

Third quarter, cont: Oceanside takes over on its own 26 after the Novato punt. 3:22 remaining in the quarter. A screen to Gutierrez on second down brings up 3rd and 4 from the 32. Big catch along the sideline by Zimmerman for a first down. Deep ball by Wynn incomplete. Novato blitzed on third down and Oceanside picked it up easily. Pass by Wynn to Enyard for a first down. Ball on the Novato 45. Taylor fumbles! Recovered by Vontellrop and Novato’s D comes up big again.

Third quarter, cont: Novato takes over at its own 39. Kyle Campas up the middle for a few yards. 2nd and 6 from the 43. Stephens’ pass broken up and it’s 3rd and 6. Stephens overthrows his receiver and its 4th down. Oceanside has the momentum but what can the Pirates’ offense do with the opportunity?

Touchdown thoughts: Well, good defense beats good offense in this case and a huge interception by Tyrone Lockett makes it that much easier for Oceanside to knot the score. Sitting here on press row I can’t really tell which team is in control right now because I’m not convinced Oceanside’s offense can move when it has to.  

Third quarter, cont.: It took Armani Taylor exactly one play to punch it in. Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one fantastic finish. PAT is good and the score is tied at 14. 4:07 remaining in the quarter. 

Third quarter, cont: Novato has the ball and Jeff Stephens is in the huddle. 1st down from the 19. Pitch to Mendez for a good gain. Ball on the 27. 2nd and 2. Campas up the middle for no gain. 3rd and 2. Logan Edwards around right end and he picks up a Novato first down. Ball on the Novato 33. Toss to Polvere deep in the backfield and he’s not going anywhere. No gain. Stephens finds Vontellrop for a first down and Novato is rolling. Ball down to the Novato 49. Stephens pass for Mendez in the flat is incomplete. 2nd and 10. Polvere on an end-around, stopped and doubles back for a big gainer. What a play by Polvere. First down on the Oceanside 31. Mendez up the middle and bouncing right to the 27. Campas with the carry for a loss. If Novato stalls now, it will be a big victory for the Oceanside defense. Then again, a defensive victory might not be enough to spark the Pirates’ offense as it is right now. 3rd down from the 30. Stephens’ pass is intercepted by Tyrone Lockett and returned to the Novato 3. I retract my previous statement. That kind of stop ought to work just fine. 

And we’re back! Halftime stats. Stephens is 8-12 for 83 yards and a TD. He is also back on the sideline, which is good news for Novato. Oceanside gets the ball to start the half and immediately picks up a first down. Phillip Wiglitton runs for seven yards to the Novato 47. Armani Taylor around right end and it brings up 3rd and 2. Big play here for Oceanside. Taylor up the middle and it looks like he’s got enough. First down on the 43. Taylor slips in the backfield and loses a yard. 2nd and 11. Wynn’s pass is tipped at the line and is incomplete. 3rd down. Wynn had Armani Taylor up the left sideline but missed him long. Oceanside punts and Campas returns it a few yards. 8:30 left in the third.