Novato/Oceanside, 4th quarter

Final score: Oceanside 28, Novato 14

The 25-game win streak has come to an end for the Hornets, but I don’t think anybody would say that they failed to represent Northern California and the North Coast Section well. Stephens’ injury surely played a part in the second half, forcing Novato to go away from its more balanced game plan. That’s five straight for SoCal, with De La Salle looming as the North’s last chance of the day. We’ll be  back with some final Division II thoughts, and the Division II box score. Stay tuned. 

Fourth quarter, cont: Novato’s last gasp lasted just two plays, as Stephens tossed the ball up for grabs and it was intercepted. Oceanside now has the ball and is content to take a knee for the final play of the game.  

Touchdown thoughts: This one is over ladies and gents. I’m heading down to the field to grab some quotes. I’ll be back with you by the start of the DLS/Centennial game.  

Fourth quarter, cont.: Oceanside has the ball from its own 25. Enyard catches the ball over the outstretched arm of Jamil Wade and the ball is now on the Novato 34. Can you say game-changer? Wiglitton run brings up 2nd down and a short 1. Taylor gets stacked up but he’s close enough to draw a measurement. First down Oceanside. 3:57 remaining in the game. Gutierrez sweep, not much there. Loss of a yard. Wynn to Gutierrez to the 19. Novato has to hold right here. Pass broken up by Jose Mendez and Oceanside will go for it since the Pirates don’t have much of a kicker. Wynn finds a wide-open Phillip Wiglitton inside the 5 at the 4. First and goal Oceanside. This game, for all intents and purposes, appears over. Taylor over left tackle and he’s in. Score: Oceanside 28, Novato 14.

Fourth quarter, cont: Option right for 2 yards. 2nd and 8 from the 34. I’ve seen Jeff Stephens two weeks in a row and I think he does everything well except throw the deep ball consistently. That said, if he’s got anything left in his legs right now, they might be his best weapons. Stephens goes downfield again and its incomplete. 4th and 8 from the 34 and the Hornets will go for it. False start makes things a bit tougher. Polvere calls timeout (when was the last time you saw a wide receiver call timeout) and the Hornets will think things over. Novato reconsiders things and now will punt. Mendez punt not a good one. 6:02 remaining.

Fourth quarter, cont: Novato takes over on the 17. 10:11 left in the game. Stephens to Polvere for a good gain. 2nd and 2. Mendez picks up the first down. Ball on the 28. Here’s what I’m thinking: Stephens on the option run. Worked in the first half, didn’t it? Stephens with a gutsy throw completed to Campas for a first down. You know what’s not working? The inside trap out of the shotgun. Mendez is getting eaten up in the gaps. Stephens to Campas on the screen and here’s a big fourth down. Novato will punt which I think is the prudent thing to do right here. We just had the first WOW play of the game. A personal foul on Oceanside for grabbing a face mask during the punt and Novato is going to get 15 yards and a first down. File that under the category “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING”?  

Touchdown thoughts: I echo Chace’s sentiments. You have to wonder how much Novato has left in the tank. That drive looked pretty easy for Oceanside. 

I figured I should start a fourth quarter thread, eh? When last we spoke, Oceanside got the ball on an interception by Whitaker, his first of the season. After a running play netted the Pirates 2 yards, they have the ball on the Novato 40. Wynn to Enyard into the red zone. Ball on the 11. Astute comment by Senor Bryson. Novato’s defense looks like its gassed. Time to fuel up the Harley, kick the tires and get into gear! Just like that, Wynn finds that extra gear and hits Zimmerman for a touchdown. PAT is good and it includes a roughing the kicker call. Has the dream ended for Novato? Score: Oceanside 21, Novato 14.