Novato/Oceanside, first quarter continued

Not entirely sure where the defense was on that touchdown pass from Wynn to Zimmerman. Just a well-executed play I suppose. Novato got the ball with just over six minutes remaining in the quarter and promptly backed up five yards on a false start penalty. A screen from Stephens to Ian Vontellrop was sniffed out quickly by Oceanside for a gain of only one. 2nd and 14. Stephens tried a deep out for Mike Polvere but missed him entirely. Stephens rolled out and tried to find someone but ultimately had to pull it down and run. Not much there and the Hornets will punt.

Here’s what I’m thinking so far. Oceanside seems to be getting off the ball much quicker than Novato. Anyone who is watching it on TV knows that. Anyone who’s not and is reading the blog, you’re a scholar and people like you. Novato forced Oceanside to go three-and-out and has the ball back.

Here’s something you won’t get on TV. Kirk Pingatore broke up a deep pass to force a fourth down on the last drive and, for those in attendance at the Novato/Las Lomas game, that’s good news. Pingatore was injured in that game and is sporting a cast on his left arm today. He was really effective in pass coverage against Las Lomas and the Hornets will need him today.

On offense, Novato isn’t moving the ball at all right now. A no-call that could have been pass interference looked like a  good call but, of course, the Hornet faithful didn’t think so. Novato punts and Oceanside gets the ball on the Novato 40. 1:52 left in the first quarter. Pingatore is at it again, almost intercepting a pass to force a 4th and 10 from the Novato 27. With apparently no Sebastian Janikowski clones on the team, the Pirares go for it and Jamil Wade breaks up a pass intended for Lamont Enyard. Novato’s defense is among the best I’ve seen this year and the Hornets are showing that so far today. Novato takes over on downs on its own 27 with 1:01 remaining in the first quarter.

A run by Stephens nets the Hornets a first down but Mendez into the middle of the line gets only four yards. A run by Kyle Campas gets the Hornets another first down and the quarter is over.

End of first quarter: Oceanside 7, Novato 0.