Pre-Division II observations

Well, Northern California is now 0-4 in state bowl games. And now Novato is the North’s next great hope.

Even though it’s still nearly 45 minutes until kickoff, Novato is going through it’s regular pregame routine. Oceanside has not made its first appearance yet.

On to more important things, including an alarming choice of pregame music. The in-house DJ was doing just fine for awhile, dishing out Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard. The music fit the atmosphere. Then the worst came. The top-notch sound system at Home Depot Center cranked out “America” by Neil Diamond. I’ve got nothing against The Jazz Singer, but that’s a song better fitted for the cheerleading competition next door — not the football field. I don’t expect to hear any arguments here – and I would disregard them if I did. I feel very strongly about this.

OK, rant over. Other observations to report:

The Novato crowd is fairly sparse to this point, I’d estimate 200 or so. That might mean that quite a few of you will be back in the North Bay watching the game on TV or following with us. If you are tuned to us, make sure you let us know with a comment or two. Oceanside (from the San Diego Section) has traveled quite well to this point. Their fan base is spread across four sections right now. Scattered, of course.

The weather is still gorgeous, with a slight breeze and a hint of smog.

I’ll be back shortly with some final stats from the Division III game.  


  • Bill K

    Sweet Caroline woulda been fine. But America? Unforgivable. Way to dish the important info, Bryson.