NCS Boys Basketball – Division I prediction

Some leagues around the East Bay have already begun and others are getting set to begin this week. A couple of leagues won’t start until after the new year. But here I am ready to give you the NCS Division I bracket three months in advance! OK, well not the actual bracket. But my predictions, anyway. Join in and create your own in the comment section.

This is a prediction of what I think the brackets will look like by the end of the season. Not a prediction of what I think the bracket would be if the season ended today!

 NCS Division I bracket


No. 8 Granada vs. No. 9 San Ramon Valley

No. 5 Monte Vista vs. No. 12 James Logan

No. 7 Amador Valley vs. No. 10 California

No. 6 Berkeley vs. No. 11 Antioch


No. 1 De La Salle vs. No. 8 Granada

No. 4 Castro Valley vs. No. 5 Monte Vista

No. 2 Newark Memorial vs. No. 10 California

No. 3 San Leandro vs. No. 6 Berkeley


No. 1 De La Salle vs. No. 5 Monte Vista

No. 2 Newark Memorial vs. No. 3 San Leandro


No. 1 De La Salle vs. No. 2 Newark Memorial


De La Salle


  • dmiller

    MV in the 5th seed???? No way — higher… McAllister and Ertz back and they hammer Bellermine by 20.

  • Michael Bower

    I know Monte Vista is better than a No. 5 seed, but that loss to CV will hurt them. The only way they get higher is if they beat San Leandro on Saturday. But of course I can’t predict that happening. Castro Valley, San Leandro, Newark, and De La will all be a better seed unless Monte Vista beats San Leandro. Not saying Monte Vista isn’t better than a No. 5 seed. Just that loss to CV will hurt them unless CV collapses in league play or the Mustangs beat San Leandro. Who would you put Monte Vista above?

  • dmiller

    Well, they are very comparable to the team which won NCS last year to be honest, beating De Le Salle in the process.

    Of course it hurts to lose Ryan Whalen, but McAllister, Fenley, Ertz and Barbour are a year older and better. Taylor Brewster, the transfer from DLS has been solid and Phillps a new player – had 22 against Bellermine.

    With their full squad, they are every bit as good as any team in the section. We’ll see when they go to Modesto Christian for the tournament over the break.

    If they run the table in the EBAL, they will be no worse than a No. 3 seed in the tournament, guaranteed.

    The former Whistle

  • Michael Bower

    That is sad if they run through the way-down EBAL and lose to CV and San Leandro and still get the No. 3 seed. The Cheap Seats will write for days about the selection process if that happens. They better run through the EBAL this year.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Bower you seeded 5 ebal teams and you think MV should just run through it? If all those other teams are so bad, how are they all getting in NCS?

  • Michael Bower


    Remember there are five divisions. The EBAL is good compared to other Division I teams. Take a look at Division I teams. The EBAL is also given a bias. NCS just loves to think they are the greatest league in the world. I took all that into consideration.

    MV is easily the class of the EBAL. Just because they run through it, doesn’t mean all the other teams are bad. MV is just that much better.

  • Castro Valley seems to be a good fit in the 3-4 seed rank, i feel that they will beat Monte Vista in the second round, the trojans ball movement and shooting ability were too much for MV before so i dont see it changing.

  • How about Castro Valley, 10-1 (2-0) with wins agaisnt MV and San Leandro and Granada…. they are looking really good.

  • Jenn

    CV has some games that they will lose to (because they have 10 games while some people in their league have only 6)Currently they are 1st in league
    As we know EBAL is quite powerful and even I have to admit that after seeing them play various sports. I mean on the NCS website on the history I can see DLS and a lot of EBAL schools win. Last year MV won NCS, CV lost to SL, who lost to DLS, who lost to MV.
    But MV may get higher, but I see some promise in CV (as much as I don’t want to, but they will be in Division I, not III so I don’t care)
    I don’t think all the EBAL schools will make it, maybe Foothill and Monte Vista at least…
    Wow there is so much EBAL debate

  • Michael

    MV is coming along nicely and will go through league to win the EBAL. The early season loss to CV should not hurt them much as it is recognized that three of their first 7 were out with injuries. Come NCS with all players, MV should take CV with little problem.

    Phillips was one that ws out and while a very nice player he was still not suited up against Bellarmine. The paper gave him credit for the 22 Fenley scored (not blaming the paper but it was clearly an error).

    MV’s loss to San Leandro will certainly hurt but if they win EBAL with one or zero losses after wins vs Bellarmine & Serra, they should be good for a four seed. An 11-1 league record is very possible which would have them going into NCS 19-5. With two of thoses losses in November, that is a 4 seed!

  • Michael Bower

    MV’s loss to San Leandro and Castro Valley will cost them a top four seed. There is nothing they can do now to be in the top four. Even with a sweep through the down EBAL this year, Monte Vista at best will be the No. 5 seed. The fact that they lost in November doesn’t mean anything to NCS. It also doesn’t matter that they had players out against Castro Valley. NCS is not allowed to take that into consideration. The only thing Monte Vista can hope for is a De La Salle or Newark Memorial falter.

  • dmiller


    having sat through 13 years of NCS basketball meetings, the EBAL does not get a bias from anyone. Football – yes; Soccer – yes; Softball – yes: Basketball — no. In the past, the EBAL has been a average basketball league as compared to the rest of the section. Some great teams for sure, but top to bottom, an average league. If I’m saying that, it must be true, given my status as a EBAL homer. I don’t think the league is down that far this year, it’s just that some of the traditional powers — Foothill/San Ramon Valley — seem to be down and that makes the whole league look worse. Monte Vista will represent and don’t be surprised to see Granada pull of a shocker or two as the team continues to come together.


  • Michael Bower

    If Dennis says the EBAL is average, then I would take that to the bank! Also, I like your take on Granada. I seen them play and was very impressed. They can put some points on the board.

  • MMaine

    NCS Basketball seeding meetings the past few years have been a joke. They haven’t folloewd criteria for example last year Antioch got a higher seed than Castro Valley. Records were similiar Antioch had a win over Delsalle but lost to Tennyson,CV beat Tennyson twice that alone should have made them a higher seed than Antioch. How about some DII predections??