DLS vs. Centennial: Third quarter

Thoughts: Well ladies and germs, I gotta tell you this was the finest exhibition of football I’ve seen in a good long while. Thanks to everyone who read. I didn’t count on the out-of-staters showing up! Glad we could help out. Both teams showed up to play, there were athletes everywhere on the field and it was, simply put, great football. The Spartans eeked out the win with the help of a few big plays by Blair Wishom down the stretch and big plays by Travis Carrie all game long. If you want to truly “get” what it meant for Carrie to play as big as he did, go to our archive and find the feature my partner in crime Chace did on the kid. What a story. Anyway, we’re in the midst of filing different things  for tomorrow’s paper so if I were you, I’d pick up a copy tomorrow. Also, before I go, a big thanks to Ari Soglin back in the Bay Area and to Mr. CFL himself for helping me out in the fourth quarter. Guys, it was nuts around here but we had a hell of a time. One more thing. Check out the photos baby!

Photo gallery from DLS-Centennial: DLS wins 37-31


Fourth quarter (DLS drive): Carrie run to the 8. First and goal. Carrie carries to the 4. 2nd and goal. Carrie loses 2. 3rd and goal. 32 sec. remaining.  GAME OVER: De La Salle wins 37-31.Fourth quarter (Cent. drive): Ball on the Cent. 18 after a block in the back on the punt.  Scott pass inc. 2nd down. Posey drops a pass. 3rd down. Pass intercepted by Blair Wishom. DLS ball with 1:52 left. 

Fourth quarter (DLS drive): Drive starts on the DLS 35. Blair Wishom was Johnny-on-the-spot right there. What a tackle. Wayne with a 2-yard loss on his option run. 2nd and 12 from the 33. Butler a gain of three and it’ll be 3rd and 9 from the 36. Timeout Centennial. Pass by MacG incomplete. Czyz to punt. Offside on Cent. Czyz still to punt. Punt.

Fourth quarter (Cent. drive): Drive starts on the Cent. 29. Bass 2 run. 2nd down. Scott breaks a 32 yard run. 1st down from the DLS 37. False start. Ball on the DLS 42. Scott 2 run. 2nd and 13. Shovel for 2 yards. Scott scrambles for 8 yards and that brings up 4th and 2 from the DLS 30. Centennial has to have this. Timeout DLS. Blair Wishom stuffs Bass’s option run left and DLS gets the ball back.

Fourth quarter (DLS drive): The Spartans are lost right now. Bass and Scott are dancing on their heads on offense and the DLS offense isn’t doing much. This is going to come down to who wants it more. Coincidentally, it’s quite loud in the Home Depot Center right now. Touchback. Ball on the 20. Butler a 3 yard gain on 1st down. 2nd and 7 from the 23. Pass from MacG to Perio. 1st down and a F mask. Ball on 42. Pica 3 yd run. Pass by MacG incomplete brings up 3rd and 7 from the DLS 45. Pass to Czyz for a first down on the Cent. 43. Pica run and a face mask to the 26. Butler with a one-yard gain. Ball on the Cent. 25. MacG drills a pass to Perio who busts in for the touchdown. 25 yard TD and Czyz will kick the longer PAT. Kick is no good. Wide right Score: DLS 37, Centennial 31 5:09 left in the game.

Fourth quarter (Cent. drive): A pass from Beasley back to Scott gets the Huskies downfield. 4th and 1 upcoming. Bass a carry for 2 and its 1st and 10 from the DLS 14. A run by Scott and a run by Bass get the ball down to the DLS 3.  1st and goal Centennial. Bass plunges in from 3 yards out and this game is tied. Score: DLS 31, Centennial 31

Fourth quarter (DLS drive, cont.):  DLS has a 2nd and 8 from its own 22. Butler with a couple big runs and DLS has it on its own 48. Pica with another first down run but its negated by a hold. Wayne pass is picked off by LB Shelly Lyons. Centennial ball.

END OF THREE QUARTERS: De La Salle 31, Centennial 24 

Third quarter (DLS drive): Touchback on the kickoff. With 14 seconds remaining, the Spartans will have time to run one play before the end of the quarter. Butler with the carry and he gets two down to the 22. That’s it for the third quarter.

Touchdown thoughts: Centennial is in command right now. DLS is shaken but I get the sense the Spartans aren’t quite done scoring. Still, they haven’t been able to stop Matt Scott this half. This is getting very interesting.  

Third quarter (Centennial drive): Kick taken by Marvray and Centennial will have great field position. The Huskies start on their own 48. Bass on the carry. Ball to the 49 and its 2nd and 9. Scott on play action but he’s taken down immediately by Xavier Vigney. 3rd and 7 from the DLS 49. Scott on the keeper and he got racked by Garaventa. Centennial will go for it on 4th and 5 from the 47. Reverse to Marsel Posey and he’s got a first down. 1st and 10 from the 37. Bass for three yards, tackled by Amack. 2nd and 7 from the 34. Playaction to Ricky Marvray and he’s in for the score. PAT by Romaine is good. Score: DLS 31, Centennial 24

Scoring thoughts: That was a wacky way to score but Centennial will take it. DLS has seriously been rocked back a little here.  

Third quarter (DLS drive): Pica returns to the 20 and that’s where the Spartans will start this drive. MacG at QB to start the drive. MacG sacked by Jayme Sasaki and a loss of six brings up 2nd and 16 from the 14. Screen to Travis Carrie and he’s down to the 18. 3rd and 12 from the 18. Illegal motion by the Spartans makes it 3rd and 17 from the 13. Pass intended for Perio and Burfict almost picked it. It’s incomplete and there’s an illegal man downfield call against DLS. Perio is hurt also. Looks like a cramp. Czyz will punt for the first time today. Czyz kicked it into his own man and it’s recovered by DLS in the end zone for a safety. SCORE: DLS 31, Centennial 17.

Touchdown thoughts: Matt Scott looked really good on that drive. They went away from Bass a little after he got gassed and Marvray and Beasley made big plays to make up for it. With the two-point conversion it is only a two-possession ballgame. I’m sure DLS defensive coordinator Terry Eidson is pointing that out as we speak. 

Third quarter (Centennial drive): Amack’s kickoff sails into the end zone for a touchback. Centennial needs a score here in a big way. First down from the 20. Bass with the carry. Five yards on the gain. Bass with a huge run but it’s coming back. Holding on Centennial negates a 75-yard touchdown run by Bass. Ball placed on the 21 and it’s 2nd and 9. Bass is out for a play, he’s gassed. Scott on a QB draw and Panayioti Mastorakos with the stop. 3rd and 5.  Scott to Beasley on a slant for a first down. The Huskies needed that one. Ball on the 46 yard linie. Bass back in the game and he carries up the middle. Ball on the Centennial 49 and its 2nd and 7. A quick out is errant from Scott and that brings up 3rd and 7. Scott up the middle and he’s stopped by Bouey and Carrie. 4th down from the DLS 47 and Centennial is going for it. Scott finds Beasley for a first down. Ball on the DLS 38 yard line. Scott for Marvray and concurrent possession with Graylon Sanders gives Marvray a touchdown. Centennial is not going away quietly, that’s for sure. Centennial will line up to go for two here with 5:01 remaining in the third quarter. Scott on the option is in for two. Score: DLS 31, Centennial 15.

Touchdown thoughts: DLS just scored the statement touchdown it needed. That slant from Wayne to Perio was a beautifully executed play and Carrie did the rest. 7:46 left in the third quarter. 

Third quarter (DLS drive): Drive starts on the Centennial 48 and Butler carries to the 40. 2nd and 2. Butler on the dive and he’s got a DLS first down. Ball on the 36. Slant from Wayne to Perio and DLS is in scoring range. I love that play. Wayne moves laterally and throws on the run. It defies physics I tell you. First and goal from the 5. Travis Carrie with the carry for 5 yards and folks, Travis Carrie is doing work tonight. Touchdown Spartans. Brady Amack with the lead block on the run. Garrett Biel’s PAT is good. Score: De La Salle 31, Centennial 7  

Third quarter (Centennial drive): 1st and 10 on the Centennial 40. Bass with the ball to the right. Down to the 42 and it’s 2nd and 8. Quick hitch to Fazli. 3rd down from the 45. Scott pitch to Bass on the option and he’s short of the sticks. Ball on the DLS 48. 2nd and 2. Centennial will go on 4th down. They ran the “Play dumb” play where Scott acts like he’s confused and Bass takes the direct snap but Bass fumbled the direct snap. Bouey recovers and DLS has the ball. 

Third quarter (DLS drive): DLS will get the ball first to begin the half. Here we go! Idaho, I’m gonna do my best man! Halftime stats: DLS has 184 total yards of offense, Centennial has 169. Bass has 93 yards on 20 carries and Scott has 30 on 9 carries. Pica returns the kickoff back to the 19. A big hello to Grecomom if she’s out there. Who knows, maybe she’s below us in the DLS rooter section. Pica up the middle for nothing. He got one yard and it’s 2nd and 9 from the 20. MacG to Dosen for a first down at the 29. MacG just got form tackled by Vontaze Burfict. I don’t quite know what to say about that. I mean, sheesh. 2nd down. Perio on a reverse pass but its picked off by Michael Aguon and Centennial has the ball.


DLS vs. Centennial: Second quarter

Halftime thoughts: It’s only 24-7 so let me stress that this game is FAR from over. That said, it would be tough for De La Salle to play a more dominant half of football. All the talk you’ve heard that this team is on a mission? Their effort in the first half would indicate that it’s all true. Centennial is a really, really good football team. Don’t go ANYWHERE because this thing isn’t close to being over.

Also, a quick note. I’ll have to stop blogging play by play in the fourth quarter so that you all can read about it the game in the paper tomorrow. I’ll give periodic updates to the best of my ability.

HALFTIME SCORE: De La Salle 24, Centennial-Corona 7.
Before you go get some popcorn, check out the newest photos provided by Jose Carlos Fajardo and Ray Saint Germain.
Photo gallery: First half of DLS/Centennial game 

Second quarter (DLS drive): Knee by Wayne and its halftime. 24-7 DLS. 

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Bass jumped to take the kickoff at the 1 and took it out to the 18. 1:21 remaining as the Huskies get one last shot at narrowing the gap heading into halftime. Bass to the left for a few yards. Ball on the 23. Bass again to the 28. First down. 54 seconds left in the half. Centennial runs the Statue of Liberty and Andrew Garaventa said YOU’RE NOT BOISE STATE and stuffed it. Centennial takes timeout with 41 seconds left and the ball on the 30. Thank you Mr. Bryson for the colorful reference. Screen to Marsel Posey and he’s gang-tackled with the quickness. Ball to the 35. Brings up 3rd and 4. 26 seconds remaining in the half. A lateral to Bass is stuffed by Dominic Russo in the backfield and DLS is going to take timeout and force the Huskies to punt. Punt goes out of bounds and DLS has the ball with 7 seconds left.

Touchdown thoughts: First of all, Mike Czyz made a leaping stab at the touchdown pass. Good thing he missed. That’s gotta feel good for MacGillivray. He’s got some confidence back. Drive was seven plays, 52 yards and took 3:17 off the clock. 1:28 remaining in the half. 

Second quarter (DLS drive): Ball on the Centennial 48. Pica with a run for four yards. Ball on the 44. Timeout DLS. For those watching the game on TV, rest assured those hits look much more vicious in person. DLS is hitting like I haven’t seen it hit so far this year. Unbeliveable. Blake Wayne just got nailed by William Sutton. Whoa. Now that was a hit. Ball goes back to the DLS 46 and it’ll be 3rd and 16. Screen to Butler who makes two guys ABSOLUTELY miss and breaks a big gainer. Kudos to the refs who resisted the urge to blow the whistle and call him down. Butler ends up on the Centennial 23. Pica on first down can’t find any room and loses yardage. Ball on the 25 and its 2nd and 12. Wayne goes right but Sutton runs him down. William Sutton is playing very well right now. Brings up 3rd and 13 and MacG is in at QB. Ball on the 25. Nice pass from MacG for Czyz but a nice play by Centennial’s cornerback. DLS is in four-down territory though and the Spartans will go. MacGillivray rolls left and finds Michael Dosen at the 2-yard line. Dosen spins in and the Spartans are on the board again. 25-yard touchdown pass with 1:28 left in the half. Biel’s PAT is good. Score: DLS 24, Centennial 7   

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Amack hit a low liner and I would not want to be on the field right now. There is somem serious hitting going on. Ball on the Centennial 24 to begin the drive. Bass up the middle for a good gain. Ball to the 29. 2nd and 5. Scott on the option stopped by Vigney. Ball on the 33. Bass off the left side and that’s a big gain. Down to the DLS 47. 1st and 10. Scott wrapped up at the line by Jordan Bouey. Ball on the 45. 2nd and 8. Option right and Vigney racked Scott. Jensen recovered the bad pitch and DLS has the ball again. 

Touchdown thoughts: That was a great play call. The middle of the defense bit, the safeties bit and Carrie was wide open. The drive went 8 plays, 67 yards and took 3:36 off the clock. Is there anything Travis Carrie can’t do? 6:49 left in the half.

Second quarter (DLS drive): Ball on the DLS 33 to begin the drive. Blake Wayne at QB. Tito Pica up the middle on the dive. Give him seven yards to the 40 and it’ll be 2nd and 3. Kylan Butler made Burfict miss in the backfield and he’s got a first down. Ball on the DLS 46. Brady Amack climbs the ladder to pull down a high pass from Wayne. Ladies and gentlemen, Brady Amack is a flat-out stud. First down on the Centennial 42. Butler up the middle to the 37. Five yard gain and it’s 2nd and 5. Pica shows some patience and cuts back nicely for a good run. 3rd and 1 from the 33. Wayne on the keeper to the right and the chains are moving. Ball on the 29. Wayne off left tackle and he’s stacked up. Nice play by Anthony Whitlow for Centennial. Brings up 2nd and 9 from the 28. Play action and the Spartans SCORE! Travis Carrie was wide open up the left sideline and Wayne found him perfectly. 28-yard scoring strike. Biel’s PAT is true and the Spartans are up 17-7. Score: De La Salle 17, Centennial 7. 

Second quarter (Centennial drive): Amack’s kick taken by Ricky Marvray from the 5 out to the 35. That’s where the Huskies will start. 11:36 left in the half. Scott short-hops a pass intended for Nick Beasley. 2nd and 10. Option fumbled by Scott back to the 30 and out of bounds. 3rd and 15. Vigney just planted Scott on that play. Ouchie. Shovel pass to Bass but Brady Amack is waiting. Ball on the 40 and the Huskies send on the punt unit. Carrie returns the punt and DLS gets the ball back.

Scoring drive thoughts: DLS did what it had to do but the Spartans have to be disappointed with just three points. Bass had 61 yards in the first quarter, for those who wanted to know. 

Second quarter (DLS drive, cont.): DLS resumes its drive at the Centennial 8, 2nd and goal. Wayne to Butler and it was clear Butler was a checkdown option. Ball on the 8 after no gain on the play. Fade to the corner for Perio is incomplete and Garrett Biel is on for the field goal. It’ll be a 25-yard field goal from the right hash mark. This is not an easy kick. It’s good and we’ll get running into the kicker as well. Penalty is declined. Score: De La Salle 10, Centennial 7.


DLS vs. Centennial: First Quarter

First quarter thoughts: DLS is throwing the book at Centennial. The Spartans have used trickery, they’ve used the QB to block, they’ve been impressive but the score is only 7-7. This is going to be one heckuva game people. 

First quarter (DLS drive): For the record, Ryan Bass looks like he’s already in college when you see him on TV. Romaine’s kickoff is a touchback and now the DLS offense will have a chance to show its stuff for real. Ball on the 20. Wayne on the option right and Vontaze Burfict was waiting for him. Ball on the 23 after a gain of 3. 2nd and 7. MacGillivray into the game at QB. Perio was open in the middle of the field but he tried for Czyz downfield and missed him long. Throw wasn’t close. 3rd and 7. MacG still at QB. Slip screen to Carrie and DLS has a first down. Carrie took a lickin and kept on tickin! Ball on the 34. Wayne in at QB. Pica goes left and he’s stacked up at the line. Loss of one. 2nd and 11 from the 33. Dive by Pica and there’s not much there. Ball on the 37 and it’ll be 3rd and 7. MacG in the shotgun. Pass to Noah Perio, who gets the first down and we’ll tack on a face mask. And I’m talking the big kind. 15 yard penalty and DLS will get the ball on the Centennial 41. MacG still at QB but now under center. Kylan Butler dishing a little punishment to the Centennial linebackers but he only gets 3 yards. 2nd and 7 from the 38. Travis Carrie on the reverse and guess what? MacGillivray with the lead block! Carrie dashes to the 5 yard line and DLS is in business. We saw that play in practice yesterday and it looked even better today. 1st and goal from the 5. Timeout DLS. Wayne on the option and he read the play too slowly. Tackled for a loss of three back to the 8. 2nd and goal. End of the quarter. Could you ask for anything better than this? END OF FIRST QUARTER: DLS 7, Centennial 7.

Touchdown thoughts: That was exactly what Centennial needed. The Huskies came right back and punched DLS in the mouth with a long, sustained drive. Bass only broke one long run too. Seems like the main challenge for DLS tonight is going to be how it keeps contain on Matt Scott because he can really scoot. Drive was 13 plays, 80 yards. Nobody said this was going to be easy, right? 

First quarter (Centennial drive): Amack’s adrenaline is going as he booms a line-drive touchback. Ball on the Centennial 20 to start the drive. Scott keeps the ball on the option right and he’s got a first down. Ball on the 38. 18 yard gain. 1st down for the Huskies. Bass gets the option run and he’s driven out by Blair Wishom and Travis Carrie. Gain of 1. 2nd and 9 from the 39. Scott gets through a potential tackle by Amack in the backfield and he’s down to the Huskies’ 46. 3rd and 2. Bass gets to the second level and a big run from the Arizona-bound senior. 1st down from the DLS 35. 19 yards on the run. False start will back Centennial up five yards. 1st and 15 from the 40. Shovel pass to Bass, stripped by Amack but Bass got it back. Ball on the 35. 2nd and 10. Amack is EVERYWHERE right now. Option right to Bass and he’s got a first down. Ball on the 25. 10 yard gain on the play. Bass up the middle to the 17. 8 yard gain. 2nd and 2. Scott on the keeper and he paid for it. Jensen and Vigney in on the stop. 3rd and 2. Bass up the middle. He’s got a first down but DLS is driving everyone backwards right now. That bodes well for the Spartans later. 1st and 10 from the 14. Scott scrambles right and Wishom tackles him out of bounds. Ball on the 7 and it’s 2nd and 3. Bass gets to the 5 but not more. 3rd and 1. Scott keeper and he’s got a first down. First and goal from the 2. Bass into the right side of the line and he’s in. Very good drive for the Huskies. PAT by Trevor Romaine is good. Score: DLS 7, Centennial 7.

Touchdown thoughts: Chace and I were discussing what the best scenario would be for DLS to begin the game and the thought of an interception didn’t really cross our minds. Travis Carrie made a great individual play by tipping it to himself and the offense took care of the rest. DLS has the momentum early. 

First quarter (DLS drive): Carry took the INT 46 yards to the Centennial 13. Tito Pica carries down to the 5 from the 13 for an 8-yard gain. Kylan Butler into the line to the 2. First and goal DLS. Butler again down to the 1. 2nd and goal. Wayne over right guard and DLS strikes first. 1-yard plunge by Wayne and the Spartans are up. Garrett Biel on for the PAT and it’s good (great hold by Alex Aronson). Score: DLS 7, Centennial 0 (6:56 remaining in 1st quarter)

First quarter (Centennial drive): Centennial tried a double-reverse handoff on the kickoff and it went nowhere. Kenneth Anderson ended up with it and went down at the 13. Ryan Bass on the carry and Amack on the tackle. 2nd and 7. Scott to Beasley for 8 yards and a first down. Bass to the 30. 2nd and 4. Bass met at the line by Dominic Russo and Andrew Garaventa. 3rd and 2 from the 33. Bass on the option run and Amack shut it down. He didn’t even hit Bass, he hit his blocker INTO Bass. Crazy spot and Centennial got a first down. Ball on the 34. Bass on the carry to the 38. 2nd and 6. Option again and Bass is tackled by Michael Jensen. DLS has the option figured out so far. Ball on the 35. 3rd and 9. Scott on the scramble for a first down but an illegal shift negates the play. Brings up 3rd and 15 from the 30. Scott to Marvray for a first down. Big time throw right there. Ball on the Centennial 49. First down. Bass into the line for maybe two or three yards. Brings up second and 7 from the DLS 48. Ball tipped into the air and PICKED OFF by Travis Carrie. Carrie with a big return and the first big play of the day has happened.


DLS vs. Centennial: Game Time

Well, we’re 10 minutes to kickoff and I figured I’d set the scene for you. What better way to do that than with a video?

Pre-game video courtesy of Karl “I work with Geeks” Mondon

Alrighty. The DLS contingent is spread out but not as large as I would have thought.  Still a good number though. Lots of Centennial rooters on the other side of the field. Captains for tonight: DLS — Brady Amack, Jordan Bouey, Kylan Butler; Centennial — Ryan Bass, Matt Scott, Jerry Hardeman and Ryan Douglass. National anthem time. Be right back.


Final Division II Stats

Here’s some box score action for ya’ll.

Oceanside 28, Novato 14
Novato 0 14 0 0 — 14
Oceanside 7 0 7 14 — 28
O – Zimmerman 22 pass from Wynn (Velasquez kick)
N – J. Mendez 9 pass from Stephens (R. Mendez kick)
N – Stephens 1 run (R. Mendez kick)
O – Taylor 3 run (Velasquez kick)
O – Zimmerman 11 pass from Wynn (Velasquez kick)
O – Taylor 4 run (Velasquez kick)
Individual statistics
Rushing: N – Campas 10-31, J. Mendez 12-23, Polvere 3-20, Edwards 3-15, Stephens 6-6. Totals 34-95. O – Taylor 17-64, Gutierrez 6-39, Wiglitton 3-23, Wynn 2-(-2). Totals 28-124.
Passing: N – Stephens 15-27-3 140, Campas 0-0-0 0. O – Wynn 13-26-1 182.
Receiving: N – Vontellrop 4-58, Polvere 4-34, Campas 3-16, Greenwell 2-26, J. Mendez 2-6. O – Gutierrez 5-21, Zimmerman 4-61, Enyard 3-85, Wiglitton 1-15.
Fumbles/lost: Novato 0/0, Oceanside 3/2.
Records: Novato 13-1, Oceanside 12-1.


More DLS pregame

Time for a little diagnosis of the situation as I see it. We’ve heard all week that Centennial has an explosive offense and a defense that can shut teams down. You know what I think? I think De La Salle is going to do what De La Salle does and that’s run the veer. I was just down on the field and it’s not in good shape. I bet, for all the trickery we’ve seen from the Spartans this year, tonight will be a return to vintage DLS football. And that means Tito Pica and Kylan Butler better be ready to play tonight.

More in a few.


Novato/Oceanside, 4th quarter

Final score: Oceanside 28, Novato 14

The 25-game win streak has come to an end for the Hornets, but I don’t think anybody would say that they failed to represent Northern California and the North Coast Section well. Stephens’ injury surely played a part in the second half, forcing Novato to go away from its more balanced game plan. That’s five straight for SoCal, with De La Salle looming as the North’s last chance of the day. We’ll be  back with some final Division II thoughts, and the Division II box score. Stay tuned. 

Fourth quarter, cont: Novato’s last gasp lasted just two plays, as Stephens tossed the ball up for grabs and it was intercepted. Oceanside now has the ball and is content to take a knee for the final play of the game.  

Touchdown thoughts: This one is over ladies and gents. I’m heading down to the field to grab some quotes. I’ll be back with you by the start of the DLS/Centennial game.  

Fourth quarter, cont.: Oceanside has the ball from its own 25. Enyard catches the ball over the outstretched arm of Jamil Wade and the ball is now on the Novato 34. Can you say game-changer? Wiglitton run brings up 2nd down and a short 1. Taylor gets stacked up but he’s close enough to draw a measurement. First down Oceanside. 3:57 remaining in the game. Gutierrez sweep, not much there. Loss of a yard. Wynn to Gutierrez to the 19. Novato has to hold right here. Pass broken up by Jose Mendez and Oceanside will go for it since the Pirates don’t have much of a kicker. Wynn finds a wide-open Phillip Wiglitton inside the 5 at the 4. First and goal Oceanside. This game, for all intents and purposes, appears over. Taylor over left tackle and he’s in. Score: Oceanside 28, Novato 14.

Fourth quarter, cont: Option right for 2 yards. 2nd and 8 from the 34. I’ve seen Jeff Stephens two weeks in a row and I think he does everything well except throw the deep ball consistently. That said, if he’s got anything left in his legs right now, they might be his best weapons. Stephens goes downfield again and its incomplete. 4th and 8 from the 34 and the Hornets will go for it. False start makes things a bit tougher. Polvere calls timeout (when was the last time you saw a wide receiver call timeout) and the Hornets will think things over. Novato reconsiders things and now will punt. Mendez punt not a good one. 6:02 remaining.

Fourth quarter, cont: Novato takes over on the 17. 10:11 left in the game. Stephens to Polvere for a good gain. 2nd and 2. Mendez picks up the first down. Ball on the 28. Here’s what I’m thinking: Stephens on the option run. Worked in the first half, didn’t it? Stephens with a gutsy throw completed to Campas for a first down. You know what’s not working? The inside trap out of the shotgun. Mendez is getting eaten up in the gaps. Stephens to Campas on the screen and here’s a big fourth down. Novato will punt which I think is the prudent thing to do right here. We just had the first WOW play of the game. A personal foul on Oceanside for grabbing a face mask during the punt and Novato is going to get 15 yards and a first down. File that under the category “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING”?  

Touchdown thoughts: I echo Chace’s sentiments. You have to wonder how much Novato has left in the tank. That drive looked pretty easy for Oceanside. 

I figured I should start a fourth quarter thread, eh? When last we spoke, Oceanside got the ball on an interception by Whitaker, his first of the season. After a running play netted the Pirates 2 yards, they have the ball on the Novato 40. Wynn to Enyard into the red zone. Ball on the 11. Astute comment by Senor Bryson. Novato’s defense looks like its gassed. Time to fuel up the Harley, kick the tires and get into gear! Just like that, Wynn finds that extra gear and hits Zimmerman for a touchdown. PAT is good and it includes a roughing the kicker call. Has the dream ended for Novato? Score: Oceanside 21, Novato 14.


Novato/Oceanside, 3rd Quarter

Fourth quarter, cont.: Novato has the ball on its own 39 staring at 3rd and 8. Stephens’ deep ball is picked by J.J. Whitaker and just like that, Oceanside is in control.  

Fourth quarter: The first game today was good but this one is just as good. Both games were tied at the end of the third quarter. What’s that tell you? IT’S GREAT TO BE HERE PEOPLE. Glad you’re along for the ride. 

Third quarter, cont: Novato is back in the driver’s seat. As I say that, a running play is pushed further backward than Dr. Phil’s hairline. 2nd and 12. Stephens to Vontellrop for a shot gainer and the third quarter is kaput. END OF THREE QUARTERS: Novato 14, Oceanside 14 

Third quarter, cont: Oceanside takes over on its own 26 after the Novato punt. 3:22 remaining in the quarter. A screen to Gutierrez on second down brings up 3rd and 4 from the 32. Big catch along the sideline by Zimmerman for a first down. Deep ball by Wynn incomplete. Novato blitzed on third down and Oceanside picked it up easily. Pass by Wynn to Enyard for a first down. Ball on the Novato 45. Taylor fumbles! Recovered by Vontellrop and Novato’s D comes up big again.

Third quarter, cont: Novato takes over at its own 39. Kyle Campas up the middle for a few yards. 2nd and 6 from the 43. Stephens’ pass broken up and it’s 3rd and 6. Stephens overthrows his receiver and its 4th down. Oceanside has the momentum but what can the Pirates’ offense do with the opportunity?

Touchdown thoughts: Well, good defense beats good offense in this case and a huge interception by Tyrone Lockett makes it that much easier for Oceanside to knot the score. Sitting here on press row I can’t really tell which team is in control right now because I’m not convinced Oceanside’s offense can move when it has to.  

Third quarter, cont.: It took Armani Taylor exactly one play to punch it in. Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one fantastic finish. PAT is good and the score is tied at 14. 4:07 remaining in the quarter. 

Third quarter, cont: Novato has the ball and Jeff Stephens is in the huddle. 1st down from the 19. Pitch to Mendez for a good gain. Ball on the 27. 2nd and 2. Campas up the middle for no gain. 3rd and 2. Logan Edwards around right end and he picks up a Novato first down. Ball on the Novato 33. Toss to Polvere deep in the backfield and he’s not going anywhere. No gain. Stephens finds Vontellrop for a first down and Novato is rolling. Ball down to the Novato 49. Stephens pass for Mendez in the flat is incomplete. 2nd and 10. Polvere on an end-around, stopped and doubles back for a big gainer. What a play by Polvere. First down on the Oceanside 31. Mendez up the middle and bouncing right to the 27. Campas with the carry for a loss. If Novato stalls now, it will be a big victory for the Oceanside defense. Then again, a defensive victory might not be enough to spark the Pirates’ offense as it is right now. 3rd down from the 30. Stephens’ pass is intercepted by Tyrone Lockett and returned to the Novato 3. I retract my previous statement. That kind of stop ought to work just fine. 

And we’re back! Halftime stats. Stephens is 8-12 for 83 yards and a TD. He is also back on the sideline, which is good news for Novato. Oceanside gets the ball to start the half and immediately picks up a first down. Phillip Wiglitton runs for seven yards to the Novato 47. Armani Taylor around right end and it brings up 3rd and 2. Big play here for Oceanside. Taylor up the middle and it looks like he’s got enough. First down on the 43. Taylor slips in the backfield and loses a yard. 2nd and 11. Wynn’s pass is tipped at the line and is incomplete. 3rd down. Wynn had Armani Taylor up the left sideline but missed him long. Oceanside punts and Campas returns it a few yards. 8:30 left in the third.