NCS basketball quarterfinal scoreboard



No. 5 Washington 46, No. 4 American 41 – Cassie Bates scores 22 points to lead Washington.

No. 3 Monte Vista 49, No. 11 Newark Memorial 42

No. 2 Berkeley 54, No. 7 Granada 39

No. 1 Deer Valley 53, No. 9 San Ramon Valley 24


No. 1 De La Salle 60, No. 9 Antioch 45

No. 3 Castro Valley 54, No. 11 Pittsburg 46

No. 5 Monte Vista 70, No. 4 San Leandro 42

No. 2 Newark Memorial 70, No. 10 Berkeley 62



No. 1 Carondelet 46, No. 9 Petaluma 35

No. 4 Pinole Valley 57, No. 5 Alameda 39

No. 2 Northgate 50, No. 7 Sonoma Valley 40


No. 1 Hayward 69, No. 8 Northgate 51

No. 5 Windsor 65, No. 4 Maria Carillo 54

No. 7 Casa Grande 69, No. 2 Heritage 54

No. 3 Las Lomas 68, No. 6 Eureka 64



No. 5 Dublin 62, No. 4 Albany 48

No. 3 Bishop O’Dowd 69, No. 6 Alhambra 40

No. 1 Miramonte 80, No. 8 San Marin 37

No. 2 Hercules 53, No. 7 Acalanes 35


No. 1 Campolindo 59, No. 8 Del Norte 37

No. 4 Acalanes 58, No. 4 El Cerrito 54

No. 6 Dublin 61, No. 3 Miramonte 50

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Darryl Reina

    Girls D-I

    Newark Memorial 10-7-16-9 42
    Monte Vista 7-13-12-17 49

    Niveen Rasheed (MV) 25 points
    Ashtyn Mullin (NM) 15 points

  • Coleman

    Boys D-1

    San Leandro got wacked 70-42! Ouch!!

    Young and Sims must still b hurt. Nice season, but injured when it counts. Gotta stay healthy pirates.

  • Coleman

    D-2 girls:

    Northgate 50 Sonoma Valley 40

  • Coleman

    D 3 girls:

    Miramonte wins big 80-37 over San Marin

    Hercules beats Acalanes 53-35

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Great job this year, coach Reina. Quality first-round win over Arroyo and nice effort against Monte Vista.

  • queenbee

    Quite the game at American tonight – the place was packed (can the ticket takers up the pace – same problem at Washington last week – some people at AHS didn’t get in till halftime!!).

    Bates carried the team tonight. Not sure where Woodrow was – maybe 3 free thows and no field goals?

    Carbonel triple teamed a couple times and still makes the shot. Wow.

  • Castro Valley looking very strong against Pitt in a huge home win!!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    It was a great high school basketball game. The place was near capacity and both fan groups were out in force to create an EBALesque atmosphere.

    Queenbee is right. Cassie Bates did an incredible job, she finished with 22 points and was the go-to option all night in a very off night by Morgan Woodrow, who finished with 5. The other two girls to score for Washington were Megan MacLeod and Sarah Nauss (combined for 19), who both missed the losses to American last week. With them back I figured Washington was going to revert to the result of the two wins earlier in the year… and they did. MacLeod shutdown the American post players and Nauss hit some big shots in the third quarter and finished with 11.

    It has been a lot of fun watching Alex Carbonel this year, she was hands down the best player I saw all year and she will do some amazing things at Saint Mary’s. She told me after the game she was going to take three days off before getting into softball.

  • Michael Bower

    Yep, CV was on its game tonight. Teicher looked to be healthy, DJ Broome broke down the press and Parker and Jourdan DeMuynck (I hope I got that spelling right in the paper tomorrow, think I put Jordan oops. maybe not) did the scoring. CV has had better games, but still was very impressive. Go Berkeley! I want another CV home game so I can cover it!

  • Michael Bower

    Well, the copy desk used the wrong version of my story. So, if anyone out there read the the Castro Valley hoops story, DeMuynck actually led all scorers with 19 points and Parker had 18 points and four treys … not five. Obviously, they combined for 37 points and not 40.

  • vanessa miller

    Michael, this is basketball related but in the OAL. Now as I understand since Fremont beat Skyline they play Oakland on Tuesday. The winner of that game plays Mack on Wednesday, which means Mack has a bye. The article states that Mack would have to lose twice to lose the automatic bid. Does that mean that this playoff game is moot? Oakland cannot get first place being that their two losses came courtesy of Mack. Mack cannot lose twice since the playoff game is winner take all. Or am I mistaken and their is more to this playoff scenario than I am seeing? Please enlighten me?

  • Michael Bower

    No, Oakland can still win it all. The team that advances to play McClymonds just has to beat them twice. Previous games don’t matter at all. The game against Mack won’t be winner take all unless Mack Wins. If Mack loses, they will have to play the same team again and be beaten again to lose the section’s bid to NorCal’s. Does that help?

  • vanessa miller

    So Oakland/Fremont would have to play them again if the one the first time. Got it. Well this should be pretty interesting since both teams have been really close to beating them. And the Oakland v. Fremont should be a barn-burner as well! Great time in the OAL.

  • Michael Bower

    Yeah, that is some great basketball.

  • Erika

    CV played awesome last night! does anyone know the schedule for the upcoming games after last night’s games??

  • Jose

    Erika, check out cifncs.org/sports/basketball

  • Erika

    Oh cool ok thank you so much! 🙂

  • Jamal

    newark memorial just beat berkely by 6

  • Jose

    Moreau girls beat Arcata, 73-37; no surprise. Who won the SPSV game?



  • Big Red

    Great game at Newark…Old gym was packed!!! Newark 70….Berkeley 62….Chris Jones had a couple dunks and great defense on Bagsby…but Bagsby had great shots in…Newark was missing its starting point guard who didnt play much cause of the flu……Cant wait to see Castro Valley come to town on Wednesday!

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Big Red,

    I was covering wrestling in the other gym and managed to sneak away to catch some of the hoops game. As soon as I walked in it reminded me of the old days!

  • Duane Carnes

    Washington’s coach didn’t teach the two Washington girls who deserted there team mates for club volleyball anything when she let them play in the NCS. She should of kicked them off the basketball team. They disrespected there team mates and high school, and all the fans and parents. The coach put winning ahead of disipline and character and sent the wrong message to the two kids who chose club volleyball over there highschool basketball team. I will never respect the girls basketball coach for her choice to play two girls who think only of themselves rather than there team mates.

  • Tom

    How did Berkeley get ranked so low?

  • Big Red


    Is the “Mustard” going to put out the boys basketball all league selections??

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    It ran last Saturday, I’m pretty sure.

    The Mustard is going to come out with The All-Mustard team that consists of six players, not 11 … That’s what was on the all-MVAL first team.

    Mustard’s team will have a starting five by position: PG, off-guard, small forward (big guard), power forward, a center and a sixth man.

  • Vegas Bill


    Just an FYI for future reference. It is “THEIR TEAMMATES“ not THERE. So, if you’re going to rant just make sure that you use proper grammar. But, I digress. To your other point about the girls playing club volleyball. Girls athletics is MUCH different than boys. If you ask anybody who knows me I am not a proponent of girl’s/women’s basketball. But, I do understand why some girls do certain things. Girls do not get as many scholarship offers as guys when it comes to full rides. Thus, they need to get partial rides from volleyball and a partial from basketball. These girls need to think about their futures and that includes their education. Right now it is just high school girls basketball. The next level is their career and lifetime goals. That is more important that 1 High School basketball game. The coach should be commended for understanding this and allowing the girls to find a way to succeed in life.


    Even though Newark did not cover I pushed that game since they tied the number. SO, I remain undefeated against the number this week. Kyle, do I get the trophy now or do I have to go undefeated against the number this week too?

  • Duane Carnes

    Thank you for your comment, but I don’t care about spelling like you do when I’m just ranting. My opinion was stated and that is all that matters. Your opinion was one I never thought of and that is ok too. You must of really enjoyed english when you were in school, because I never heard of digress before. I had to look it up in the dictionary.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Duane, I agree with Vegas about priorities.

    You can’t fault kids for trying to get college scholarships and from what I’ve been told, the tournament they went to was a big-time deal and was a great chance for the two girls to try and get a college scholarship.

    Now if they chose to play basketball instead, should their volleyball coach have punished them by kicking them off the team like you suggested Keller do? I think not. That would be absurd, there is no rule that says the high school team takes precident over a club team and missing one of two high school games is not that big a deal.

    There are much better things to rant about than what team two high school girls chose to play for on a given weekend. I’m sure it was a tough choice for them, but things look like they’ve turned out alright for Washington.

    It’s not like they missed an NCS game, it was the MVAL playoffs, which basically just serves as a fundraiser anyways. Washington will still go down in the MVAL record books as the league champion, while American will be the “Playoff champ.”

  • Michael Bower

    Yeah, trying to get a scholarship is way more important for those players right now than a basketball game. Even if it was the NCS title game and they have a chance to land a partial scholarship by playing volleyball, I wouldn’t fault the players at all for playing in a tournament that can help them instead of the title game. I think it was great for the coach to let them go. A scholarship to college can be life changing. Heck, I am still paying my student loans!! It isn’t fun.

  • Vegas Bill


    Actually I hated ENGLISH in High School and college. I just don’t like looking dumb in front of thousands when I attempt to make a point. Aside from the point being a bad one.

    A bad point can be made to look ok if presented correctly. But even a good point can be made to look bad if presented poorly.

    Just trying to help you when you present future opinions that may be faulty. Hopefully if presented right people may go hmm..maybe?

    My picks to come

  • queenbee

    Duane, you might be interested to know how their teammates felt about it – they supported them in reachign for their goals. And 1 player had to sit out the entire first game she was back for, and the other had to sit part of that game (she was able to miss less time away).

    You might not know all these details and those raised above – that’s why it’s best to not rant at all – feel free to opine, wonder or question.

    … an oft-embarrassed ranter (and now reformed ranter).

    PS Too bad the playoff games are scheduled at the same time – can’t watch the boys & girls games both. Boo.

  • Humberto

    It’s ironic that Duane used such poor grammar while chastising kids for trying to get to college.

  • Gerd

    “chastising kids for trying to get to college.”?
    That’s not what he was doing at all. It’s a shame you misrepresent his sentiments.
    Duane, in my opinion, is simply bringing up an all to common situation; kids are over committing themselves!
    Is it possible that there were two or three other players cut from this or any other HS team for that matter who would have gladly been present at any/all events for their HS team? If that is so, then these girls selfishly took the HS experience from them so that they could “do it all”! In the process, they also deprived their HS AND club teams of their FULL COMMITMENT. In my opinion, this is a problem. I believe, if they know that these situations are going to exist, that they, and their families, make a mature decision at the beginning of the season!

  • Vegas Bill


    So you would punish a girls future for her team winning? If the girls basketball team was not as good as it was this season this would be a moot point. The game missed would not have been a playoff game and may not even have been a game missed. Both female and male athletes play 2-3 sports while in High School. They are not only keeping themselves off the street, but trying to better themselves in life by taking every opportunity to get a college education. Athletes understand this as they all do the same thing. Just these girl’s teammates supported them, when a male athlete does the same he is supported as well. We all forget this is just high school!! These kids will go onto college and grow there as well.

    Just thought I would add another 2 cents into this topic.

  • queenbee

    And did they know when they started the season there’d be a club vball tourney that weekend? Maybe the problem is with the schedulers, not the girls! I agree some are reading too much into Duane’s comments though.

  • Hoop Fan

    As the father of a former basketball player who also played club volleyball, I would be highly disappointed if my daughter had been in that same position and chose to miss a HS playoff game. I don’t know the specifics of what volleyball club or tourney it was, but unless it was some huge national championship, in my opinion they should have finished out the basketball season. I would hope that a responsible volleyball coach would understand the situation. Presumbly, the volleyball coach knew they were on an excellent basketball team and were headed to the playoffs. There is plenty of volleyball to be played once basketball season is over.

  • Queenbee

    Hoop Fan,

    I don’t think it was simply a match or two (which I agree could be missed) – it was also a showcase for volleyball players looking for scholarship opportunities. So the issue wasn’t pleasing or displeasing a coach but performing for recruiters/scouts.

    The girls did what they felt they had to do, their team was cool with it, the coach did her standard thing (holding them out), and the better team won the playoff game. It’s all goooood.

  • duane Carnes

    To all the readers who commented on my article. Thanks for your opinion and your statements. My feelings were expressed and read by many and that was what I was hoping for. My point was to get people to think about what happened and they did. And for the people who are on my misspelled grammer, it is ok that you remarked on it, because if all I do in my life is give a opinion and misspell some words then I will have a good life. Thank you for your recent comments and have a nice day.

  • basketballfan

    For Duane and others who commented. I agree with Duane, these players and their coach let the school and their teammates down. This coach set a bad example to her players. Highschool girls volleyball is over for the year and if these two senior girls players haven’t received scholarships by now, they will not get one. FACT!!!! As far as girls scholarships, they do get the same amount as boys. For those who never played sports, please don’t correct my grammer, get a life.

  • Queenbee

    Does that mean if we did play sports, we can correct your grammar? Heck, commenting on this board (note proper use of comma) is my life! (I guess my life started just last week though, then.)

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Basketball fan,

    “two senior girls players haven’t received scholarships by now, they will not get one. FACT!!!!”

    Sorry, have to disagree. The big time recruits know where they are headed (for the most part), but there is still a lot of recruiting going on and it will continue right on into the summer in some cases.

    The completion of the high school season has absolutely nothing to do with the recruiting timeline. For sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball, recruiting/evaluating talent is done almost solely through club teams which bring together the top talent. (Yes, there are exceptions)

    Remember that the college coaches are in their own season during that time, so recruiting takes a back seat. So events like the volleyball deal in Vegas two weeks ago during the “off-season” are more important for recruiting than anything a player can do during their high school season.

    There is a reason a lot of the top EBAL girls soccer players over the years didn’t even play for their high school team.

  • Alex Bayanzai

    hey quick question. Where are the ncs finals games going to be played at. Is it at the Arena.. That would be amazing OMG on the warriors court. wow

  • Queenbee

    And at what time? Bummed I can’t make either game on Wednesday but hoping for Saturday.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Here’s the NCS finals schedule:

    Oracle Arena
    Division IV Girls – 11:00 a.m.
    Division IV Boys – 12:55 p.m.
    Division II Girls – 2:50 p.m.
    Division II Boys – 4:45 p.m.
    Division I Girls – 6:40 p.m.
    Division I Boys – 8:35 p.m

    St. Mary’s College
    Division III Girls – 6:00 p.m.
    Division III Boys – 8:00 p.m.

    College of Marin – Tentative – game will be played in the geographical area of the higher seeded team
    Division V Girls – 6:00 p.m.
    Division V Boys – 8:00 p.m.

  • Vegas Bill

    Dear basketballfan,

    I have played sports, but I am over the grammar corrections.I will let peoples comments show their true knowledge.
    I have to agree with Kyle on this one. College recruiting goes on all year long. Just because the season is over does not mean you will not get a scholarship. If you are a fill in player not expected to start and are not a top recruit, then you may not get an offer until a month, two, or 3 after your season ends.

    Also, what I think you are referring basketballfan, is known as Tile IX. Yes, it does say that both male and female sports get the same amount of total scholarships, you are correct there. What it does not say is how those have to be divided up. So you can give a full, 1/2, 1/4 etc. scholarship. For the small sports they break it down even to a books only scholarship at some schools.

    I have friends who played Division 1 golf and were highly ranked in the nation in high school and college and 1 got a full ride w/ books and his brother got a 1/2 scholarship with books.

    So, before you spout off about scholarships and recruiting, do me a favor and do some research.

    But, thanks for commenting.

  • Pgagolf

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