NCS Wrestling: Day One

8:40 p.m.: Over four hours between posts. A new record. I’ve been writing my stories for tomorrow’s paper but I figured I’d answer your questions. Here we go:

Chuck, De La Salle is in sixth in the team standings. Tyler Sheridan and Tito Pica are into the semis. Luke Sheridan made it to the quarters but lost to California’s Aaron Drake.

Andrew, Taylor Raphael is the only Albany wrestler in the semis. Albany is in 19th in the team standings.

Nate, Gian Traverso will face Drake in tomorrow’s semis. He beat Las Lomas’ Sean Dougherty 7-4 in the quarters to move on.

Big Nick Waldrop, Freedom had a heckuva day. The Falcons are in 4th in the team standings. Mike Sherman, Clint Joaquin and Gonzalo Hernandez are all through to the semis.

Well, that’s where we’re at. I’m exhausted and it’s not even 9 p.m. Tomorrow, Steve, Jimmy and I will take a raft to Newark Memorial as it is supposed to be raining cats and dogs. I’ll try to get the finals matchups onto the blog in the middle of the afternoon during the break but other than that, it’ll be a busy night for us as we try to keep up with all the championships. See you tomorrow!

4:20 p.m.: Alright, quarters are getting ready to start. Gotta go watch some matches. Be back soon. 

4 p.m.: As you might be able to tell, there’s not much to report right now. Heavyweights are finishing their second-round matches. I see Freedom’s Gonzalo Hernandez across the gym and I think he just beat Las Lomas’ Orry Elor to advance to the quarters. We should get the start of the quarters soon. 

3:15 p.m.: The injured wrestler was Anthony Horn. Granada coach Clark Conover told me it’s a dislocated elbow. With action resuming on Mat 2, De La Salle’s Tito Pica wasted no time in scoring a first-period pinfall to advance to the 171-pound quarters. 

3:05 p.m.: Breaking news: Jason Welch won by technical fall. No seriously, De La Salle’s Luke Sheridan, who is unseeded at 152 pounds, knocked off No. 6 Curtis Tuttle of Rancho Cotate. Beat him by pinfall. 

3 p.m.: I’ll get quarters up as soon as I get ’em. We’re in the middle of the second round at the moment. 152s are on the mat. Welch should be wrestling soon at 160s. One mat is shut down at the moment as a Granada wrestler is injured. 

3 p.m.: You know, I had that same reaction when I saw Klingsheim’s result. I wasn’t here yet, so I couldn’t tell you what happened. If I talk to him sometime today, I’ll pass that info on. 

2:45 p.m.: Speaking of 145 pounds, Tyler Sheridan just pinned Logan’s Johnnie Lo in the first period and he’s through to the quarters.

2:42 p.m.: Rastler, Tyler Sheridan won by pinfall, John Banke won by pinfall, Eric Yust won by pinfall and Nico Larez won by technical fall. So, all four won. 

2:35 p.m.: College Park update, since this match took place right in front of me. Jim Albertson (140 pounds) just dropped an 8-4 decision to Logan’s Jonathan Laureta. Laureta owned the third period, but before that Albertson was wrestling well. 

2:30 p.m.: Travis, thanks for the name clarification. That would have made for an awkward interview. As for Busch, he lost 5-3 to Perry of Montgomery. 

2:25 p.m.: Castro Valley update: Gascon won, Vierra lost, Mata won, Busch lost, Ishida won, Feagley won, Herring lost, Heka lost, Dirnu won, Crosby (is his name Ben Crosby or Crosby Ben?) won, Bonsall won, Hosain won, Cathey won. 

2:20 p.m.: Ooh baby, all the Freedom and Liberty guys. That’s tough! Liberty first. Gomez won, Klingsheim won, Thurgood won, Hutchison lost, Ryan Smith won, Rios won, Baldazzo won, Leyen won, Moravec lost. Alright, here’s Freedom. Wiley won, Taylor lost, Sherman won, Martin won, Joaquin won, Cooper won, Corbin won, Baffico lost, Parsons won and big Gonzalo Hernandez won. 

2:15 p.m.: Alhambra’s Jeff McGee, the No. 1 seed at 215 pounds, survived his first-round match, beating Granada’s Nick Browning 1-0. McGee will wrestle Freedom’s Jeremy Parsons next, which will be another tough match. 

Wrestler Mom: Jojola won, McGuinn won, Hamilton lost, Pestana lost, Francis lost, Hallahan lost, Gaynor lost, Tompkins won. 

Rastler: Benedict beat Singh 6-5 

Well we’ve got our spots here at the media table at Newark Memorial High School and wrestling is in full swing. No overwhelming upsets so far, though East County fans won’t like hearing that Liberty’s Roger Hutchison lost a 10-8 decision in overtime to Dublin’s Matt Dunham. Anyway, the brackets should get updated on the NCS website sometime soon but for now, you can ask about anyone you want since I have the first round brackets in my hand. Fire away!


  • Rastler

    Results for match 509 Singh v. Benedict?


  • Wrestler Mom

    How did Justin Siena High School do first round?

  • hosed

    I know it’s asking alot, but how ’bout some updates on ALL the kids from Freedom, Liberty & Heritage? Thanks for all your help this year. It’s obvious that our sport would get little, if any, publicity if it weren’t for you.

  • Travis

    Hey, thanks for your work. Any results on the Castro Valley wrestlers? Gascon, Vierra, Mata, Busch, Ishida, Hecka, Dirnu, Crosby, Bonsal…etc. I know it might be a pain, but any results would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Travis

    Castro Valley (Ben Crosby) is his name. Thank you so much for your work! And I will just ask one more question and won’t bother you for another round. How much did Busch lose by @ 130’s? Thanks!

  • Rastler

    Did all 4 of the top seeds for 145 win their first round?

  • jon

    Klingsheim by dq? What happened?

  • Travis

    Well, I couldn’t stay away. Can you let me know if any Castro Valley wrestlers made it to the quarters (Gascon- it would be a miracle against Klingsheim), Mata, Ishida, Feagley, Dirnu and the others. Thanks!

    Also, did Mt. Eden wrestlers win at 130’s, 189’s, and 285’s?

  • nick waldrop

    hey how are the freedom high school wrestlers doing?

  • nate

    how is gian traverso doing at 154? i think hes the number 2 seed? thanks

  • Andrew Mayes

    How are the Albany High wrestlers doing? Taylor Raphael, Daniel Singh and Matt Malanche in particular. The CIF website is only updated through the 1st round.

  • Chuck

    How are the De La Salle wrestlers doing? Any team scores yet?

  • Travis

    Thanks for your hard work. I know you might not get this post for an hour or two, but I thought I’d ask if you had the results for wrestlers who lost in the outbrackets and never made it into the consolation brackets on the posted sites. Do you know how Castro Valley’s Busch, Herring, and Hecka lost in the outbrackets at 130’s, 145’s, and 152’s respectively?

    Thanks for any info.

  • Chuck

    Thanks Ben. Excellent coverage.

  • Ben Enos

    Travis, you’re right. I can’t find that info anywhere on the brackets posted on the NCS web site. When I get to the gym today, I’ll try to track that down for you.

  • John

    How did Tyler Hayes from Clear Lake (6th seed at 103) do this morning? Also ar Jameson (130) and Milhaupt (285) still in the tournament? Thanks for your help!