NCS Wrestling: Day Two

Well, that’s all she wrote. A successful night all the way around, I’d say. I’m going to go try to drive from Newark to Walnut Creek in the inclement weather, so I’ll sign off for the night. I hope everyone enjoyed the updates, even though they were sporadic down the stretch. You better believe I’ll have some final thoughts later tonight and we’ll blog from the road on the way to Bakersfield later this week. This is Ben Enos, signing off. 

Finals results 
103 – Lawrence Blanco (James Logan) d. Paul Gomez (Liberty), 4-0
112 – Markjay Acosta (San Leandro) d. David Klingsheim (Liberty), 8-4 
119 – Chase Aura (Foothill) d. Cody Howe (Windsor)
125 – Ruben Baca (James Logan) d. Dylan Phillipy (College Park), 7-6
130 – Aaron Westphal (Alhambra) d. Ryan Smith (Liberty), 6-2
135 – David Rios (Liberty) d. Nick Hernandez (Granada), 8-2
140 – Trent Stevenson (Arcata) d. Sam Worth (Miramonte), injury default
145 – Tyler Sheridan (De La Salle) d. John Banke (Granada), t.f.
152 – Aaron Drake (California) d. Joe Heffelmire (College Park), 9-3 
160 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas) vs. Nick Pappas (Sonoma)
171 – Tito Pica (De La Salle) p. J.T. Baumann (Dublin), 1:18
189 – Mike Larson (McKinleyville) d. Adam O’Brien (Petaluma), 7-1
215 – Casey Tompkins (Justin-Siena) p. Drew Carpenter (Foothill), 4:18
285- Roger McCovey (Del Norte) d. Bud Guinn (Rancho Cotate), t.f. (18-3)

7 pm: 171-pound final – Pica pinned Baumann at 1:18. 189 pound final – Larson beat O’Brien 7-1. 215-pound final, Tompkins pinned Carpenter at 4:18.  

6:25 pm: Alright ya’ll. I’ve gotta go cover the matches. We’ve got a lot of locals and I’ll be on the hop. If I can get third-place results up, I’ll do it.  

6:20 pm: Here are the results from the seventh and fifth place matches.

Fifth-place matches

103 – Truong (Newark Memorial) d. Moita (DLS), 5-4; 112 – N. Smith (Pittsburg) d. Gonzalez (Deer Valley), 8-6 (OT); 119 – Young (NM) d. Espinosa (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), 9-4; 125 – Hutchison (Lib) d. Garb (LL), 5-3; 130 – Jameson (Clear Lake) d. Tran (NM), 5-1; 135 – Ruvalcaba (MSJ) d. Avery (Upper Lake), 4-2 (OT); 140 – O’Malley (Foot) d. Cattalini (Heald), 7-3; 145 – Joaquin (Free) d. Yust (Mont) by forfeit; 152 – Tuttle (Rancho Cotate) d. L. Sheridan (DLS), 5-1; 160 – Jo. Porter (Swett) d. Berncich (Peta), 12-7; 171 – Floyd (Arc) d. Neale (Liv), 3-0; 189 – Lujan (Cal) d. Bonsall (CV), 13-6; 215 – Gordon (RC) d. Lewis (El Molino), 6-1; 285 – Hernandez (Free) p. Malanche (Alb), 2:17.

Seventh-place matches

103 – Scillitani (Dub) d. Murden (Son), 8-7; 112 – Waldren (Gra) d. Ballesteros (SPSV), 3-1 (OT); 119 – Hartlieb (Pet) d. Mai (JL), 7-0; 125 – Stirm (Nor) d. Daniel Singh (Alb), 4-3; 130 – Sandoval (Uki) d. Perry (Mont), 9-2; 135 – Santos (Her) d. Vincent (Dub), 4-0; 140 – Solorzano (Pet) p. Albertson (CP), 2:33; 145 – Cruz (Eur) p. J. Smith (Pitt), 4:47; 152 – Dougherty (LL) d. Cooper (Free), 15-9; 160 – Nagel (Liv) d. Dirnu (CV), 10-1; 171 – McDonald (Swett) d. Tringali (Irv), 6-5; 189 – Cummings (CP) d. Zapanta (DV), 5-3; 215 – Browning (Gra) d. Agenbroad (Willits), 6-1; 285 – Taufa (YV) p. Pole (JL), 1:18.

5:55 pm:  Ballesteros lost in overtime and Espinosa lost 9-4.

5:55 pm: Nkunku is the first third-place finisher of  the night, beating Crosby. We’ll see both of them next weekend in Bakersfield. 

5:45 pm: Jon makes the unconventional pick at 160 pounds in the comment section. We shall see.  Third place matches have started with College Park’s Gerson Nkunku taking on Castro Valley’s Ben Crosby (or Crosby Ben if you believe the brackets) at 171 pounds. 

5:30 p.m.: Liberty is a virtual lock for the team title. Roger Hutchison just took fifth and gritted through a knee injury that has him wincing right now. That kid is tough. The Lions peaked at absolutely the right time this year and you’ve got to give a lot of credit to Greg Chappel, Rudy Dizon, Roy Rios and the rest of the Liberty coaching staff. 

5:20 pm: Mom Lefever, we were sitting here during the break listening to her warm up. Those who haven’t heard her before are in for a treat tonight. I’m looking forward to it.  

5 pm: Marc, right now 7th place matches are finishing up. The camera is trained on the middle mat and the far mat from where I am.  5th place matches are about to begin and they’re starting at 171 pounds tonight.

4:40 p.m.: Atta boy Mike. Your picks look strikingly similar to Hoose’s picks. That is sure to end in doom. 

4:30 p.m.: We’re in the middle of 7th place matches at the moment. I noticed that we’ve got some fans on thecaliforniawrestler.com. Bring those picks guys. I’m all for getting humbled by the wrestling fans out there. Heck, I need something to keep people coming back.  

4:05 p.m.: PREDICTIONS
Ben the Wizard: 103 – Gomez, 112 – Klingsheim, 119 – Aura, 125 – Baca, 130 – Westphal, 135 – Rios, 140 – Stevenson, 145 – Sheridan, 152 – Drake, 160 – Welch, 171 – Pica, 189 – Larson, 215 – Tompkins, 285 – McCovey

Durkin: 103 – Gomez, 112 – Acosta, 119 – Aura, 125 – Baca, 130 – Westphal, 135 – Rios, 140 – Stevenson, 145 – Sheridan, 152 – Drake, 160 – Welch, 171 – Pica, 189 – Larson, 215 – Tompkins, 285 – McCovey

Hoose: 103 – Gomez, 112 – Klingsheim, 119 – Howe, 125 – Baca, 130 – Smith, 135 – Rios, 140 -Stevenson, 145 – Sheridan, 152 – Hefflemire, 160 -Welch, 171 – Pica, 189 – Larson, 215 – Carpenter, 285 – McCovey 

4 pm: Prediction time. Waterhouse, Durkin and myself will all pick the finals. I’m defending my crown from Mission San Jose. We should have those in a few minutes. 

3:55 p.m.: NCS associate commish Gil Lemmon is in the house. So are the wrestlers, as the gym has been re-opened. Fans are filing in. I’m flanked by Steve Waterhouse and J-Durk. Let’s get this thing going. 

3:20 p.m.: Back from food. Red Robin baby! Alright, here are the championship matchups.

103 – Paul Gomez (Liberty) vs. Lawrence Blanco (James Logan)
112 – David Klingsheim (Liberty) vs. Markjay Acosta (San Leandro)
119 – Cody Howe (Windsor) vs. Chase Aura (Foothill)
125 – Ruben Baca (James Logan) vs. Dylan Phillipy (College Park)
130 – Aaron Westphal (Alhambra) vs. Ryan Smith (Liberty)
135 – David Rios (Liberty) vs. Nick Hernandez (Granada)
140 – Trent Stevenson (Arcata) vs. Sam Worth (Miramonte)
145 – Tyler Sheridan (De La Salle) vs. John Banke (Granada)
152 – Joe Heffelmire (College Park)  vs. Aaron Drake (California)
160 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas) vs. Nick Pappas (Sonoma)
171 – Tito Pica (De La Salle) vs. J.T. Baumann (Dublin)
189 – Mike Larson (McKinleyville) vs. Adam O’Brien (Petaluma)
215 – Drew Carpenter (Foothill) vs. Casey Tompkins (Justin-Siena)
285- Roger McCovey (Del Norte) vs. Bud Guinn (Rancho Cotate)

So, there it is. A few faces we didn’t expect and several that we did. The gym is cleared out right now and the Newark wrestlers are breaking mats down so that only three remain. The rumor is that they’ll start finals at 171 pounds, but I’ll find out for sure. 

1:50 pm: Lunch break for me. Be back soon. 

1:40 p.m.: David, yeah, the Falcons are holding their own. I think a few of those guys should medal. Gonzalo ran into McCovey from Del Norte and that guy is a beast. Good to hear from you. 

1:40 p.m.: I’m struggling to find results for the Rancho kids. Give me a minute, as I think I’m going to need new brackets to figure that out. Sorry. Prado, Corbin won 10-3. 

1:35 pm: Cooper just lost on the mat in front of me. Got teched in the third period. Corbin got poked in the eye but is up 7-3 in the 3rd. 

1:30 p.m.: If this is David Prado I’m talking to, what’s up man! Corbin and Cooper are wrestling right now. Results in a second. 

1:30 p.m.: Alright, semis are all taken care of. When they post brackets, I’ll put them up. In the meantime, we’ve got consolation action on each mat. 

1:12 p.m.: My mistake on Heffelmire. I saw the scoreboard as they were changing it. Must mean I’ve got some help here in the stands! 

1:10 p.m.: BIG Dan Stoops of Mission San Jose is on the mat for the heavyweight semis. He is known officially as BIG Dan Stoops. 

1:10 p.m.: College Park’s Gerson Nkunku just lost 6-5 to Dublin’s JT Baumann. Baumann heads to tonight’s championship against Pica. 

1:05 p.m.: College Park’s Joe Heffelmire just stopped by the table to ask for a writing utensil. Very polite young man he is. 

1 p.m.: DLS 171-pounder Tito Pica just pinned his opponent in 40 seconds. That kid is just mean when it gets to this level. 

12:55 p.m.: Jason Welch advances with a techniccal fall win over Jordan Porter. Also, Joe Heffelmire of College Park just scored an overtime win to advance to the 152-pound final. The Falcons roll on! 

12:35 p.m.: High drama at 135 pounds. Granada’s Nick Hernandez just took Stephan De La Cruz down with 10 seconds left to tie the match at 6. De La Cruz is hurt, limping around the mat. UPSET!!! Nick Hernandez scores a takedown in overtime to beat De La Cruz 8-6. He’ll face Liberty’s David Rios tonight.

12:30 pm: Liberty’s Ryan Smith won 1-0 in his semi. He’ll wrestle tonight. Aaron Westphal just knocked off No. 1 Taylor Raphael of Albany. Bulldogs in the final! 

12:25 p.m.: I walked into the building here at Newark Memorial and the first thing I saw was College Park’s Dylan Phillipy pulling the upset at 125 pounds with a win over Healdsburg’s Wesley Young. He’ll wrestle James Logan’s Ruben Baca in tonight’s championship. 130s and 135s are on the mat now.

Alrighty, this is the day everyone waits for. The NCS meet wraps up tonight and we’ll be there through it all. By now, you probably know that the finals will be webcast over at Newark Memorial’s web site. You can find a link to that on the NCS home page. As a result, I won’t be providing blow-by-blow coverage during the finals, since I’ll have to worry about writing on deadline anyway.

For now, here are a few first-day impressions:

1. Everyone was channeling a good thought for Granada’s Anthony Horn, who had to be carted out with a dislocated elbow. Here’s hoping he’s doing OK this morning.

2. There’s a rumor going around that they might start the championship round at 171 pounds tonight. Hmm, wonder why they would want to end at 160 pounds?

3. Best semifinal match this morning? I’ll go with Livermore’s Alec Fraser against Foothill’s Chase Aura at 119 pounds. Fraser beat Aura 4-3 at last weekend’s EBAL meet when Aura got whistled for a full-nelson and penalized two points. Something tells me this will be a knock-down, drag-out brawl.

What I can tell you is that I’ll get to the gym around 1 pm and I’ll post the finals matchups with some analysis. Steve R. Waterhouse and I may even engage in some more prediction madness like we did at Mission San Jose. Anyway, check back here around 2. I should be settled in by then.