NCS Wrestling: Reflections and a look forward

After two long days at Newark Memorial, I was drained Saturday night and couldn’t put up my reflections on the tournament. So, here are a few things I took from the weekend that was.

1. Match of the night: San Leandro’s Markjay Acosta defeats Liberty’s David Klingsheim, 8-4, in the 112-pound championship. This match featured non-stop action. Both wrestlers were aggressive and Acosta just found a way to stick his shot a little better than Klingsheim. They’re on the opposite side of the state bracket, could we see a re-match on Saturday night?

2. Kudos to the NCS staff for making the 160-pound championship the featured match of the night. Everyone in the building was watching and it created a moment that most will remember forever.

3. I can’t decide which De La Salle wrestler is wrestling better right now, Tyler Sheridan or Tito Pica. Neither was challenged at the NCS tournament and it would be a serious upset to not see them on the podium in some fashion this weekend in Bakersfield.

4. The hard luck trophy of the weekend goes to Miramonte’s Sam Worth, who made the 140-pound title match but didn’t get to wrestle due to an injured shoulder. He’s in the bracket for this weekend and I hope he can go.

The big dance is this weekend, with the CIF state meet taking place Friday and Saturday in Bakersfield. Brackets are up here, so check those out. As I get a chance to comb through them, I will post the matches I’m looking forward to seeing on day one.


  • Linda O’Connor

    Hi Ben,

    Can you explain to me why the champion (Aaron Westphal, 130 pounds) at NCS has to wrestle in an outbracket at State when the guys he beat do not? I don’t get it.

    Your former math teacher,
    Linda O’Connor

  • Ben Enos

    Wow, a blast from the past! Good to hear from you. Well, the seeding at state is almost random. I say almost because they separate the top two finishers in the section (ie. Westphal is on the opposite side of the bracket from Ryan Smith, who he beat in the championship) but other than that, it’s random. A good example is Jason Welch, who has had to wrestle a pigtail the last three years. Go figure.

  • Linda O’Connor

    Thanks Ben.