HAAL Boys Hoops Player of the Year

The All-Hayward Area Athletic League Team was selected Monday night and just submitted to me. I won’t release the entire team because I have to save something for the print edition (Team will come out in Tuesday’s paper), but I will announce the co-Player’s of the Year….

Davion Berry, Hayward — An obvious choice here. The HAAL scoring champion led his team to a second-place finish in league. This is the junior’s first year as a starter and he reached the free throw line over 100 times this season. He has led the Farmers to the top seed in the NCS Division II playoffs. However, he went down hard in the first-round victory against Northgate and will sit most of tonight’s game against Windsor, unless absolutely needed, according to coach Iman Mattox.

DJ Broome, Castro Valley — A great selection for co-Player of the Year. I really commend the coaches for going with Broome. The 5-foot-6 point guard doesn’t average double-digit points, but he is the reason the Castro Valley offense goes. Broome showed off his ability to break down a press in the quarterfinal playoff victory over Pittsburg. He is still averaging around nine points a game, I believe. But it certainly is his ability to run the offense that got him the award. Nobody in the HAAL runs an offense better than Broome and he is up there with the best point guards in the East Bay. He is a true old-school point guard, pass first and shoot second. One of the most exciting players to watch in the HAAL.

Congrats to both players.


  • Jimmy Durkin

    Looks like the HAAL coaches were inspired by the Steve Nash MVP picks and went with the true meaning of most valuable player.

  • 4Rockcv

    curious…what is davion’s total points and what is his average ppg?

  • Michael Bower

    The final stats will come out on Tuesday. Berry finished with, I believe, 20.9 or 21.9 ppg. It was something close to that. That is just for league games, though. I don’t have his overall ppg.

  • Chris

    Congrats to Berry and Broome, I am a little surprised I was always hearing Castro Valley and Demuynch that I assumed the MVP would be Jourdon and Davion but you cant argue with the decision.

  • 4Rockcv

    I’m sure it was a tough decision but no arguement here. My congrats to both Berry and Broome. They’re certainly deserving.

  • Auntie Vernie

    Congratulations Davion! You’re the best with the best ATTITUDE! Well deserved….

  • coach rob

    Great call coaches on Broome and Berry. Having had the pleasure and honor to have coached both young men at Bretharte middle School.They have not only made their Families proud.But they also inspire current and future Bretharte Bears someone to look up to.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Are we gonna have scoring updates tonite for NCS hoops

  • HHS Mom

    Congratulations to both Davion & DJ! They are both outstanding players. With Hayward having to play so far away (at Windsor), can we please get some updates tonight?!? I can’t find them anywhere!

  • Duane Carnes

    St. Patrick/St. Vincent 72 Moreau 49 not even close. 30-14 at half.

  • Big Red

    Newark over CV…….DOUBLE OVERTIME THRILLER……..SEE DE LA THIS WEEKEND ON saturdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • queenbee

    Washington lost to DV in overtime. They had bad hands tonight, and very bad rebounding. Exciting though how neither team gave up when the other seemed to be running away at times.

  • Bill

    CV up by 9 with 1:48 to go in reg., up by 5 with 39 sec. to go. (13-28 from free throw line). They should have won. Not used to being in this situation I guess. Possibly a tougher preseason schedule would help. HAAL has some very weak teams yr. in and yr. out. Whole league was a down yr. this yr. On the positive side, quite impressive for a first yr. coach, last gm excluded. CV will have a tough time going forward losing key players.

  • Hayward Pride

    Congatulations to Davion and DJ most deserved. Excellent players with great attitudes and a desire to win. Can’t wait until next year to see the battle continue.

  • coach rob

    Bill you said Haal has some WEAK? teams. Are you talking Football or lacrose or something? Castro Valley , San Leandro , Bishop O , and soon to be D-2 champions Hayward High all were great teams in the eastbay this season. Bill Besides the OAL name a stronger conference

  • coach rob

    Hayward Pride, one more year with those two would have been nice but Dj Broome is a senior, his younger brother Dante will be back. Wow just think what Berry is going to be like next year once he gets stronger and improves on his three point shooting that kid should average 30 plus