State wrestling preview: Geeks Style

I could have written a nice little blog post about what Las Lomas wrestler Jason Welch has in store for this weekend’s CIF State Championships in Bakersfield. But, that’s not how we roll. I figured it would be better to actually experience what Welch’s opponents will face this weekend. Give me a second while I get it up and working.


  • Jimmy Durkin

    Dang it!!! Ben convinced me that he was going to win this bout, so I went ahead and picked him. Word is, he reneged on his original pick of himself and went with Welch. Now he’s even his record with me from our pick ’em challenge at NCS where I beat him by one. Damn you Ben, I knew you were out to get me and try to even the score. I’m gonna take you down at state and win that wizard’s hat!!

  • Ben Enos

    He was just too tough. I wrestled a solid match but I just failed to make big plays when it counted. Sometimes you’ve got to step up and I just didn’t. All I can do is take it one match at a time.

  • onemoretd4usc

    …….Sir Jason Welch to you 2 guys!…….
    ……….Remember He’s a Knight…………
    ……Enjoy the scenery in Bakerfield!……
    .Best of Skills Jason & bring home title #3!