With everything going on tonight, this is all I have time to do…….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe updates later…


  • Kyle Bonagura

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. I’m sitting in some random neighborhood in Antioch stealing wireless from a sleeping family. Washington lost 50-45 in OT.

    Woodrow fouled out with 219 left and down 5. Sarah Nauss brought the team back to force OT, but the Huskies couldn’t pull it out.

    Maybe tonight, probably tomorrow I’ll give a full recap/analysis of the game.

    Anyone else get killed in traffic going to this game?

    It took me 1 hour, 45 mins to get there from where I live in Dublin, what a nightmare.

  • Ron MacLeod

    Boy, what a game between Castro Valley and Newark Memorial. Double overtime!!! I think the home timer forgot to start the clock in the fourth quarter with 53 seconds left and about 10 should have clicked off. CV had a 10 point lead with about 3 minutes to go and needed to run the clock more, but hey, great game, great crowd and lots of Castro Valley fans to provide support. The Boys team and the coaching staff deserve a lot of credit for a great season, playing hard and giving us fans some wonderful games to watch.

  • queenbee

    Yeah, the traffic was a pain – made it just in time. Good crowd. Looking forward to the recap (even though I was there) – just to make sense of it all.

    Thought one of the craziest things was the ref waiting till there was 36 seconds left in OT to finally call the DV point guard on carrying.

  • Michael Bower

    Ha, taking randomn wireless. That is classic. Good old technology. I am restless. This was a tough night at the Review office. I am spent.

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Ron, I covered the game … and you’re right, it was a GREAT game.

    I wish I could have written a better story, but only had a few minutes to punch it out.

    Great atmosphere. The place rocked! I could hardly hear myself thinking (I loved it!)

    I thought the CV student-body represented Castro Valley well. On the other hand, some of the parents could use a few lessons on how to root for their team instead of complaining about every single call (not that the officiating was all that good, but c’mon … the whining got old quick).

  • Ron MacLeod

    I hear you about the parents. I was sitting in a group of them that got pretty vocal. That was too bad as it was a great game. I couldn’t help but notice the looks on some of the player’s faces during time outs in the end of the game, looking at the noise the fans were creating for them.

  • Queenbee

    Unless parents are willing to fuss in both directions with the reffing, hard fouls, etc., they should mostly keep quiet. jmho

  • Desmond Cooper

    That last foul call with the shot clock running out was horrible REFS GAVE DLS tom MUCH LOVE