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Pick’em Round 3 Point Totals

By mbower
Friday, February 29th, 2008 at 12:30 am in Uncategorized.

Division-I Boys

Name Total
Donfan DLS Newark Memorial 2
NM Cougar DLS Newark Memorial 2
Don DLS Castro Valley 1
High School Sports Junkie DLS Newark Memorial 2
Coleman DLS Newark Memorial 2
Hoop Fan MV Castro Valley 0
MustangMadness DLS Newark Memorial 2
Coach Brown DLS Newark Memorial 2
Ryan Rodriguez DLS Newark Memorial 2

Division-II Boys

Name Total
Donfan Windsor Casa Grande 0
NM Cougar Hayward Casa Grande 1
Don Hayward Las Lomas 2
High School Sports Junkie Hayward Las Lomas 2
Coleman Windsor Las Lomas 1
Hoop Fan Hayward Las Lomas 2
MustangMadness Hayward Las Lomas 2
Coach Brown Hayward Las Lomas 2
Ryan Rodriguez Haywad Las Lomas 2

Division-III Boys

Name Total
Donfan Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd 1
NM Cougar Campolindo Dublin 2
Don Campolindo Dublin 2
High School Sports Junkie Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd 1
Coleman Campolindo Dublin 2
Hoop Fan Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd 1
MustangMadness Campolindo Dublin 2
Coach Brown Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd 1
Ryan Rodriguez Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd 1

Division-IV Boys

Name Total
Donfan St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
NM Cougar St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
Don St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
High School Sports Junkie St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
Coleman St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
Hoop Fan St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
MustangMadness St. Mary’s Salesian 1
Coach Brown St. Mary’s Kennedy 2
Ryan Rodriguez St. Mary’s Kennedy 2

Division-V Boys

Name Total
Donfan SF University St. Liz 0
NM Cougar Branson St. Liz 1
Don Branson St. Liz 1
High School Sports Junkie Branson St. Liz 1
Coleman Branson St. Liz 1
Hoop Fan Branson St. Liz 1
MustangMadness Branson St. Liz 1
Coach Brown Branson St. Liz 1
Ryan Rodriguez Branson St. Liz 1

Division-I Girls

Name Total
Donfan Deer Valley Monte Vista 1
NM Cougar Washington Berkeley 1
Don Deer Valley Berkeley 2
High School Sports Junkie Washington Berkeley 1
Coleman Washington Berkeley 1
Hoop Fan Deer Valley Berkeley 2
Coach Brown Washington Berkeley 1
Ryan Rodriguez Washington Berkeley 1

Division-II Girls

Name Total
Donfan Carondelet Northgate 2
NM Cougar Carondelet Northgate 2
Don Carondelet Northgate 2
High School Sports Junkie Carondelet Maria Carrillo 1
Coleman Carondelet Maria Carrillo 1
Hoop Fan Carondelet Maria Carrillo 1
Coach Brown Carondelet Maria Carrillo 1
Ryan Rodriguez Carondelet Maria Carrillo 1

Division-III Girls

Name Total
Donfan Miramonte Bishop O’Dowd 1
NM Cougar Miramonte Hercules 2
Don Miramonte Bishop O’Dowd 1
High School Sports Junkie  Miramonte Hercules 2
Coleman Miramonte Hercules 2
Hoop Fan Miramonte Hercules 2
Coach Brown Miramonte Hercules 2
Ryan Rodriguez Miramonte Hercules 2

Division-IV Girls

Name Total
Donfan St. Mary’s Moreau Catholic 0
NM Cougar Justin Siena Moreau Catholic 1
Don St. Mary’s Moreau Catholic 0
High School Sports Junkie Justin Siena St. Patrick-St.Vincent 2
Coleman Justin Siena Moreau Catholic 1
Hoop Fan Justin Siena St. Patrick-St. Vincent 2
Coach Brown St. Mary’s Moreau Catholic 0
Ryan Rodriguez St. Mary’s Moreau Catholic 0

Division-V Girls

Name Total
Donfan Branson Head-Royce 2
NM Cougar Branson Head-Royce 2
Don Branson Head-Royce 2
High School Sports Junkie Branson Head-Royce 2
Coleman Branson Head-Royce 2
Hoop Fan Branson Head-Royce 2
Coach Brown Branson Head-Royce 2
Ryan Rodriguez Branson Head-Royce 2

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