Waterhouse is Back!!!!

That’s right. I’m back. Some of you may have seen my story today (Argus/Daily Review) on the GREAT Newark-Castro Valley boys hoops game. Wow, what a game!

I’m currently shacked up at the Extended Stay in Bakersfield for state wrestling.

Tough week with that Jury Duty. I thank all of you for hanging in there with me. I was dismissed from Jury Duty for some reason¬†Wednesday afternoon. I don’t think some of the defense attorneys liked when I answered a question with a question. Or how I told one attorney that “you started to ask a question and then ended with a statement, so what is your question? And try not to be so wordy this time.”

¬†Anyway I’m here if anyone has some questions about the Newark-Castro Valley game or about state wrestling. I’ll be up for the next couple of hours doing research.


  • jfizzal!

    How the female situation in B-field?

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Are you kidding me? It’s BAKERSFIELD!

  • David Schoen

    I have 3 questions:
    1. Does Bakersfield still look like Stockton’s trashy older brother?
    2. Over/under 1.5 on how many matches the OAL will win?
    3. What kind of cookie was it?? (“Yer a genius, Butthead.”)

  • Steve R. Waterhouse


    1, I like the old-school knowledge. For those who don’t remember, prior to being held in Bakersfield, the state wrestling tourney was held at Spanos Center in Stockton. But to answer your question, some might consider it trashy.

    2, I’ll take the over on the 1.5 matches. According to OAL-wrestling-expert Jimmy Durkin of the Oakland Tribune (and I can’t remember this one), but the OAL has a wrestler returning that won a match last year. … A voice in my ear is telling me to take the under, but I’ll stick with the over.

    3, The cookie comment is between me and the lawyer that asked the question. Though, I don’t think he liked when I answered his question with a question.