CIF State Wrestling: Day Two

Well, aside from the blog blowing up there at the end, I’d call this a successful weekend. Check out the CIF web site for results and what not. I’ll post reflections tomorrow. I’m out! 

9:45 pm: Louis Bland won his third title at 189 pounds and Rudi Burtschi won at 215. I’m on deadline. Wheeeee!

9:30 pm: Bland wins by pinfall and the PA announcer says that it’s his last match. Duh. Wazzu doesn’t have a wrestling team. 

9:30 pm: Alright, something happened and my computer went up in smoke (this is the Wizard by the way). No, something happened and we lost the old text. No matter. Welch worked the single shot for most of the first period and had an 8-3 lead at the end of one. Welch scored his first near-fall in the second period and built the lead to 13-4 by the end of the period. Vasquez actually scored a takedown at the end of the third period but it didn’t matter. 18-8 the final. Also, Hunter Collins won in overtime to win his first title.


  • Yeah! Acosta all the way! Someone do some research and tell me the last Hayward Area Athletic League kid to win a state title….That match tonight should be incredible!! I better get some live updates!

  • onemoretd4usc

    You two Geeks are AWESOME!
    We’ll miss you at Oracle Tonight!
    After the LL Knights squeak out a win vs Hayward.
    I’ll be checking back to see how well Jason did.
    With Tio Pica losing, that basically Seals the Deal.
    As far the “2008 CCT Prep Athlete of the Year” Award
    Congrads to Sir Jason Welch! Just one more Podium!

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    I think the other Geek will be over at Oracle tonight. Either that or he’ll be at St. Mary’s for the Division III game. Anyway, finals start around 7 or 7:15 tonight.

  • Go Knights

    Ben, you are a great blogger! Keep the updates coming! Go J!

  • FormerWrasslinScribe

    Where the haitch did you go, Enos? What, the non-championship medal rounds not important enough for you to blog on? Or are you still noshing a Bloomin’ Onion at Outback?

  • FormerWrestlingGuru

    I just noticed that one of the ads on the side of the wrestling blog says, simply, “Give blood.”
    Seemed all too apropos to pass up.
    Props to the littlest Klingsheim for taking the title.

  • auntofamatman

    sorry to disappoint the beloved “pickers” but in the 285 it will be Galas over McCovey. Galas has been quietly sitting back undefeated at 55-0 including outstanding wrestler at tri county in LA and tonight he makes a beliver out of Mr McCovey and the coco times. DGalas, state champ in the heavys

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    Give blood. These dudes are definitely giving blood. And auntofamatman, I could completely see Galas winning that match. I’ve seen McCovey a ton though and there’s a lot to like. But hey, Galas is gonna be a Golden Bear next year and, as a Cal grad, I like that our newest offensive lineman is this big and this skilled.

  • onemoretd4usc

    Come on I already know who won!
    Now give the 7 takeouts Blow by Blow!

  • Marla McDonald Cushman

    Great job guys! Get some much needed rest!

  • If Welch does not win CC Times player of the year, please stop doing that award. Thank you.