Surprise! Mitty’s Drew Gordon is back

As if Archbishop Mitty wasn’t already a formidable foe for Hayward in the Division II NorCal semis, the Monarchs saw the return of UCLA-bound Drew Gordon tonight in a 20-point win against Shasta.

His season was supposedly over after breaking his right foot in January, but Gordon played eight minutes tonight, scoring 12 points.

Mitty was undefeated when Gordon went down and ranked as high as No. 6 in the nation. The Monarchs have lost just one game (Riordan) without him as they have rode Saint Mary’s bound Collin Chiverton to the WCAL and CCS D-II titles.

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Here’s to having Mitty and McClymonds playing a “pick-up game” when the season is over!

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Michael Bower

    Figures he is back just in time to for Hayward Thursday night…

  • Will Whelan

    With out Gordon, Collin Chiverton had a chance to show the WCAL why he is a top 5 player in his class throughout Northern California. Now that Gordon is back, Collin may feel the need to differ to the big man. Gordon’s offensive skill set is…well lacking. Gordon should focus on his tremendous rebounding and defensive abilities and let Chiverton and PF Enoch Adoch (Sp?) do the scoring.

    With a healthy Gordon, Mitty is the best D2 team in the state.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Will- Gordon’s offensive skill set may be lacking by Pac-10 standards, but he is still well ahead of the curve at the high school level and can have his way with pretty much everyone he wants.

    Chiverton didn’t defer to Gordon when he was healthy and now with him back – and not at 100% – that won’t change.

    Not only is Mitty the best D2 team in the state with a healthy Gordon, its the best team at all levels in the state. Before he went down they were playing like one of the best teams in the nation.

  • Will Whelan

    Gordon’s offensive moves consist of 2 shots: an inconsistent hook shot, and dunks. He has yet to average over 17 points a season in WCAL play.

    Chiverton didn’t necessarily defer to Gordon, that was the wrong word. But Collin never took a hold of a game and thoroughly dominated. When Drew was gone, Collin dropped like 35 on Sacred heart, and scored over 30 I think 3 times. He was a different, more aggressive player.

    I think Mitty made it up as high as #12 in the country (USA TODAY) before Drew went out, you can correct me though as that is a vague memory. I still think Campbell Hall is the best team in the state regardless of Division.

    BTW Kyle, how you been man? I had to move back to the area and am now working for Norcalpreps.com. This whole prep corner thing is solid.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    He also didn’t need to average more than that. With Chiverton and the rest of the crew, Mitty has hardly has lacked scoring options (Same can be said for Chiverton). You put Gordon on a team where he needed to score for them to win and his numbers would have been much different.

    Regardless of what his go-to moves are, with the size and athleticism he has, that’s all you really need. 12 points in 8 minutes after 2 months away doesn’t happen if you are just an average offensive player (even if it is against Shasta).

    I do know Mitty was at No. 6 in one of the many polls out there now, forget which one though. As for Campbell Hall … it lost to an average (SoCal) Serra team by 14, Westchester by 25 and Dominguez by 23. Can’t put them on top of the state rankings with a resume like that. Too many other choices. Yes, they are playing really well right now, but the competition in D-IV is nothing like the top-2 divisions in SoCal.

    I’ve been good, staying really busy. Are you going to school somewhere local now or taking the semester off?

  • Will Whelan

    I guess I just have not been impressed with Gordon’s progression offensively. He doesn’t have a dominant drop step move, fade away, a consistent hook and he has really no perimeter game. You are right that he doesn’t need it yet, but he will.

    CH has pulled it together as a team and (talked to a friend that is a hoop nut down there) looks like a different team then they did just weeks ago.

    I’m at College of Marin right now and will be transferring somewhere soon. Doing work for NCP and also coaching a lot.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Yeah, CH has been blowing teams out, but I have a hard time putting them ahead of Westchester or Dominguez regardless of how well they do in the playoffs. I’d still have CN behind those two, Taft, MLK-Riverside, Mitty, Mater Dei and McClymonds (in no particular order).

    You should look into SJSU again if you want to stay local and still plan on a journalism major.