We used to have a saying when I was in college: H.F.S.Y.

Translation: Hell F@!* S#&% Yeah!!

Great job Mack! A perfect end to a perfect season. You all deserve it. No. 1 in California and possibly top 2 in the nation. (Only other undefeated teams are St. Anthony in N.J. and some team in Washington, so why not?)

I wish I was there to see it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to watch those great shots on TV of Dominguez coach Russell Otis staring into oblivion with his hand on his mouth, clueless of how to stop the Warriors. Classic stuff. A great game plan by Coach Moe and his staff executed almost flawlessly. It was OAL basketball at its finest!

Congrats again. You did all of Oakland, and especially the Mack Family, proud.

dave schoen


  • Michael Bower

    Yea, baby! DLS wins it for NorCal in football and Mack for NorCal in hoops. We are 2-for-2 in the top state title games.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I will have a boatload more to say (from Damon Powell running through the Arco tunnels screaming “We won state” like a 2 year old to seeing The President at Applebees afterward) in the morning but have to crash tonight. All I can say for now is way to go Mack. I’ve never enjoyed my job more than while watching Mack tonight. Awesome game fellas. Way to go Coach Moe.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Final basketball tally:

    NorCal 6, SoCal 4

  • Curtis Pree

    There is only one thing to say, way to go fellas! I’m writing all the way from the East Coast in Washington, DC….my phone has been ringing off the hook with the homeboys in Oaktown calling to give me a blow by blow. As a 1979 Alumnus who witnessed a very small team take on a large, nationally noted Southern California team in the 1978 TOC at the Oakland Coliseum and beat them with their speed, agility and big heart, I still have the Warrior fight in me and am very proud of coach Moe his staff and the “State Champion Warriors”. Mack is noted by those in the know as the school that graduated Bill Russell. Now it will be remembered as the little engine that could and most inportantly as State Champions!