We used to have a saying when I was in college: H.F.S.Y.

Translation: Hell F@!* S#&% Yeah!!

Great job Mack! A perfect end to a perfect season. You all deserve it. No. 1 in California and possibly top 2 in the nation. (Only other undefeated teams are St. Anthony in N.J. and some team in Washington, so why not?)

I wish I was there to see it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to watch those great shots on TV of Dominguez coach Russell Otis staring into oblivion with his hand on his mouth, clueless of how to stop the Warriors. Classic stuff. A great game plan by Coach Moe and his staff executed almost flawlessly. It was OAL basketball at its finest!

Congrats again. You did all of Oakland, and especially the Mack Family, proud.

dave schoen