Mack Family: The Perfect Season

For those that haven’t got a chance to check it out yet, you’ve got to take a look at the wonderful multimedia piece put together by the Oakland Tribune’s Alison Yin. When she first started here as an intern in December, she took photos of a McClymonds-Berkeley game back in December that I was covering. It wasn’t long after that she was asking what I thought about doing a photo project on the team. She continued to pursue it and eventually got close to the team to the point that they “adopted her.” Anywhere Mack went, she was there taking photos, gathering audio or shooting video. This is the end result and I must say she did a killer job on it.

Mack Family: The Perfect Season

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Jason Al;exander, Jr.

    I am a 1952 graduate of McClymonds and was excited to see my Old school playing in the 2008 state championship. I was even more excited when they won!!! I watched the game on FSN here in Conyers, Ga.

    Jason Alexander, Jr.

  • Jason Alexander, Jr.

    I am a 1952 grad of McClymonds. I watched the 2008 championship basketball game on Fox Sports Network, (until 1:00a.m.) here in Conyers, Ga. and was excited to see McClymonds win.

  • XTower

    Two questions for y’all:

    1. When do the all-East Bay basketball teams run? (heh heh, fill in your 2006/Wendell McKines jokes here. I still think that was one of the better stories I ever wrote, too.)

    2. Why is that “Game Night” blog at the top of the prep sports page instead of “Prep Corner?” Does anybody actually read that P.O.S.?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Late reply, I know, I know.

    1. Anyways, the “tentative” date (and you know all about tentative) is somewhere around April 26. We’ll see. By the way, I just read that McKines story. It was pretty good.

    2. No clue. We’ll have to talk to JB.

  • XTower

    You should post the story. I grant permission, as long as we get to include a note fully explaining “The Legend of the Disappearing Wendell McKines Player of the Year Story.”

    The quote about Wendell not having a position in college from Rob Collins is one of my all-time favorites. Right up there with Rod Beck’s, “When they blow this place up (Milwaukee’s County Stadium), I’ll supply the dynamite.” The one from Pinole Valley football coach Steve Alameda about Wopamo Osaisai being the only kid whose GPA is higher than his 40 time is another classic, too.