Softball ruminations

I figured I’d respond to Jorge’s comment with an entire post because I saw last night’s 39-0 score from the Berkeley-Richmond softball game and I made mention here in the office that I wanted to say something about it.

Now, I’m prepared to give Berkeley the benefit of the doubt because I can’t believe that someone would run the score up like that. If you look at the box score it shows that Berkeley scored the 39 runs on 18 hits and Richmond only committed seven errors. This leads me to believe there had to have been a ton of walks because unless you’re hitting home runs every time up, that score never happens.

I also see in the box that Richmond left the same pitcher in the game to take the entire 39 runs. Herein lies part of the problem. I don’t care if your shortstop has never thrown a game in her life, you put someone else in there. It’s the responsibility of the coach to get that girl out of there before she gets taken to the cleaners so thoroughly. For that, I blame Richmond.

All excuses aside, 39 runs is 39 runs and there’s no room for that in prep sports. Having coached before, I can tell you with all certainty that there are ways of shutting down your offense that don’t include scoring 10 runs in the fourth inning of a five-inning game. I wasn’t there, so I’m not going to pass judgement on how this came about because for all I know, Richmond’s coach could have told the Berkeley coach that he wanted his girls to continue playing it straight up so they learn something.

Then again, what do we really learn from a 39-run drubbing? Not much, if you ask me.