You went 18 innings???

That was my reaction when I called College Park softball coach Reno LaSala tonight only to find out that his Falcons had just come off the field after a wild 4-3 win over Las Lomas. Yes, they went 18 innings and it’s a good thing the game was at College Park so the teams could play under the lights. Highlight of the night: College Park pitcher Stephani Fairclough struck out 24 batters.


  • dave

    Seems to me that another highlight of the game was that a 4th place team that has finished at the bottom of the league for years has beat Alhambra and gone toe to toe with College Park, a Div 3A school that has been a power for a while now.

  • Ben Enos

    Oh, no doubt about it. I mentioned the score to a couple league coaches last night and they were all very impressed that Lomas went to the mat with CP for that long. I can’t say I’m surprised though because I know that’s a team with a good deal of talent and a team that showed quite a bit of resolve in the game I saw. This was close but don’t be surprised when the Knights win one of these close ones some time this year.

  • Brian

    It was a great HS softball game to watch no matter what team you were supporting, the real difference was a few costly errors early in the game by LL that lead to a few unearned runs. Sometimes that can be misleading though, tough plays/good effort. At one point, I think it was in the 15th inning, it looked like LL had the game won. A questionable interference call kept it close too. Somehow CP found a way to get the run back – with small ball & walks mostly – as the strike zone seemed to tighten up. Pitching & overall play on both sides was outstanding, both teams have got to be exhausted – & the umps did not get paid OT either.