Not quite 18 innings, but……..

There seems to be no stopping College Park softball pitcher Stephani Fairclough these days. On Tuesday she threw all 18 innings of a 4-3 College Park win over Las Lomas. Keep in mind she struck out 24 on Tuesday. Today, she had perhaps an even more impressive performance, striking out 14 in throwing a no-hitter against Acalanes. College Park won the game 3-0.

For those of you scoring at home, Fairclough struck out 38 batters in two games this week. For those wondering, it’s not close to a record but you’d have to go a long way to get to that record. Fairfield’s Alicia Hollowell, in a 30-inning game against Woodland in 2001, struck out 61 to set the record.


  • Marcus

    Yeah that’s great, but Fairclough does not match up to Alicia Hollowell in in form or fashion…should be even mentioned in the same context. Fairclough’s competition is not that strong either. Fairclough will probably pitch at the local junior college.

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    Don’t worry, nobody’s comparing her to Hollowell. I had a few people ask what the record was so I figured I’d toss it out there.

    Fairclough is in fact headed to Holy Names University next year.