Proposed new NCS football divisions

The North Coast Section Board of Managers approved a proposal Friday that will alter the format of the NCS football playoffs. The new playoff system will get rid of the separate tournaments for the East Bay and Redwood Empire schools. It will also eliminate the familiar 4A, 3A and 2A classifications and assume a format of five enrollment-based divisions that are similar to those used in basketball.

Here’s a look at the five proposed divisions.


  • 5-02-08
    After reviewing the enrollment of the schools in the different brackets..You have to take into consideration that many of the smaller schools have beaten schools with much larger enrollments. A good example is Cardinal Newman,Marin Catholic and St. Patrick/St. Vincent of Vallejo that in the past and the present have stopped some pretty good teams…so size enrollment doesn’t mean a whole lot if you can get quality kids….a lot of traveling involved, but some very serious football is at hand…When the regular season ends it will sure be interesting to see who reaches the playoff’s….The Division breakdown sets up some real clashes….