DFAL Swimming: Carlson laps the field

Let me first start this post by saying I know very little about swimming. When I was told I would be covering the DFAL swim meet yesterday, I absolutely had no idea what to expect considering I had never covered a league swim meet.

Now, there is one thing that stands true in any sport: you know the special ones when you see them. When I saw Las Lomas’ Kasey Carlson take her spot for the 50 freestyle, you could see that she was bigger, stronger and faster than any of the other competitors. Later, in the 100 breaststroke, when she shaved almost two seconds off her NCS record time of a year ago, the crowd knew exactly what happened and what they were watching.

Carlson also helped to set another NCS record when she teamed with Alex Madsen, Shelley Harper and Natalie Smith to break the record in the 200 medley relay. By the end of the day, Carlson had created quite a buzz poolside. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) was talking about her performance.


  • The perception of the swim meet by the Contra Costa Times is an insult to the rest of the swimmers at this meet.

  • anonymous

    getting 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,or 6th is an insult to the rest of the swimmers at this meet. Don’t most articles focus on who won?

  • nottoosly

    Tried to look up some bits of the meet. I am very disappointed at the coverage. How long did this staff reported stay? 30 minutes? I have heard about a least 3 other great races with NCS times challenged. If you are going to be there, please broaden your coverage.