NCS Softball: 3A preview

Better late than never, I suppose. The NCS 3A softball field is much tougher to figure out than the 2A field, partly because there are 16 spots instead of 12. Also making things tougher is the fact that there are a bunch of teams that might have a case for getting in.

At this point it would be futile for me to rank teams because it’s extremely fluid. Here’s what we know:

IN: Castro Valley, Freedom, Foothill, Deer Valley, James Logan, San Ramon Valley, California, Livermore, Berkeley, College Park, Alameda

BUBBLICIOUS: Granada, Amador Valley, Clayton Valley, Arroyo, Pinole Valley, Washington, Antioch, Irvington, Carondelet

Well, I’m going to say that despite their EBAL woes, Granada and Amador Valley are in. That gives us 13 teams. Clayton Valley is charging hard and two more wins this week would give CV a record of 13-10. I’m thinking the Eagles are in as long as they win this week. Arroyo sits currently at 12-9 but has a game against Moreau Catholic this week. If the Dons lose and then beat San Leandro, they’re looking at a 13-10 record going into the meeting. Pinole Valley finished second at the Standley Cup and beat Moreau Catholic but that win won’t mean as much as you think considering Moreau is a 2A school.

So, I’m thinking the final two spots are going to come from a group consisting of Arroyo, Pinole Valley, Antioch (hot to begin the season but fading fast), Washington, Carondelet and Irvington. Irvington’s in the clubhouse at 12-9 and Washington is done with a record of 13-9 (but that includes losses to Antioch and Carondelet) . If Pinole Valley can beat Berkeley this Wednesday, you have to think the Spartans stand a good shot at getting in.

Needless to say, I don’t have this figured out at all. See, I told you this wasn’t easy.

Additional note: The MVAL teams listed aren’t completely done. They have playoffs this week. Thanks to Prep Corner colleague Jimmy Durkin for dropping the knowledge.


  • Jorge Molina

    In my opinion Arroyo and Carondelet should be in before Pinole. Arroyo had 1 run losses to Berkeley and Bishop O’Dowd and lost 3-0 to Livermore. Pinole lost to Carondelet. Pinole had a soft schedule (unlike Arroyo) and of Pinole’s 14 wins only two were against teams with winning seasons. They won’t beat Berkeley.

  • ss396

    Does it seem like 16 berths at the 3A level might be a few too many? The 2A has 12.
    Discussions for the final 5 teams ini 3A seem to be centered around teams that are barely above 0.500 and finished well down in their own league standings.

  • Prep Corner

    Arroyo will not be applying for a at-large berth.

  • mckbooth

    It would be a shame if Arroyo doesn’t apply for an at large berth. They beat Moreau twice and played odowd, and castro valley to 1 to 0 losses. This is a very dangerous team with good defense and lots of power in the line up. Arroyo should go, 11-5 in league makes them tied with moreau for third in the HAAL.