NCS softball: Albany 12, Heritage 3

As promised, I figured I’d give some insight from today’s game at Memorial Field in Albany. As it turns out, I wasn’t full of myself when I said earlier this year that this Albany team is for real. They proved it in a big way today.

Heritage is a good team that had a bad day. You could tell that the Patriots got a little shell-shocked when the Albany offense just came coming at them. There was no letting up in that Cougars lineup. They hit well from one through nine and really put on a clinic at the plate.

Here’s my stat of the day. The 2 through 5 hitters for Albany (Maddie Cousens, Laura Cannon, Nicole Presher and Amaya Fernandez) combined to reach base 17 of the 20 times they came to the plate. Fernandez was 4-for-4 with a walk and four RBI to lead the group.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a toughness award from today’s game. Heritage catcher Lauren Townsend took a foul ball to the throat in the seventh inning. She stayed down for a few minutes, got up and walked around, and then got back in the crouch to finish the game. Boys and girls, you take a foul ball in the throat, you know it. I have nothing but respect for that young lady tonight.

So, tomorrow we head to Levine-Fricke Field at Cal for the 3A and 2A title games. Albany will play Concord in the 2A final at noon and California takes on Freedom at 2:30 in the 3A final. I’ll be there. You should too.