NCS Softball: Semifinal previews and predictions

Well, we’ve made it to Friday which means there are only four games on the schedule today. The best of the best make it to this point so if you’re a softball fan at all, get out and see some games over the next two days. Let’s get into the games.

NCS 2A Tournament

No. 5 Heritage at No. 1 Albany: The host Cougars can’t be too thrilled to see such a red-hot Heritage team coming to town today. In their first two playoff games, the Patriots have outscored their opposition 29-5. I don’t think the score will be that lopsided today but I think anyone who counts Heritage out is just plain wrong. This will be the toughest game Albany has played all year. Prediction: Albany (by the smallest of margins)

No. 3 Concord vs. No. 2 Bishop O’Dowd at Standley Field: The outcome of this game depends on which Concord team shows up. If the one that played error-free ball for five innings against College Park shows up, the Minutemen could land in the title game. If it’s the team that came out for the sixth inning against CP, then Bishop O’Dowd could cruise to the title game. One of my favorite players to watch, Concord’s Lea Cavestany, could have a big impact on today’s game but I just don’t know if it’ll be enough. Prediction: Bishop O’Dowd

NCS 3A Tournament

No. 5 James Logan at No. 1 Freedom: Nothing lucky about the Colts’ win over Deer Valley on Wednesday. From all accounts that was a gritty win and one that has Logan thinking upset today. From everything I’ve seen though, Freedom is hitting its stride right now and that’s a scary proposition considering how good the Falcons have been all year. Kortnee Wiley and Kim Westlund might be the best 1-2 punch in the East Bay at the top of the lineup. Prediction: Freedom

No. 7 California at No. 3 Foothill: Nobody needs to tell California how good the Foothill offense is but, in case you forgot, the Falcons went out and hung 17 runs on Clayton Valley on Wednesday. What a coaching job this year by Foothill’s Matt Sweeney. You lose the Ariotos, Gandys and Crawfords of the world and you still make it back to the semis? The first game I covered this season was Foothill vs. Freedom. Might it be the last? Prediction: Foothill.

So, there you have it. I’m headed to Albany today for what should be an awesome 2A contest. See you then.


  • mckbooth

    Well I don’t know Heritage beat up on Moreau something aweful. Lot’s of power and there going to score runs. I don’t think Albany is explosive enough to counter.

    Haven’t seen Concord , but from your description they may not have the defensive fundlementals to stay in a close game. There going to need pitching to get past Odow’d. Odow’d is dangerous in the line up from 1 to 9 mixed with speed and great defense. Look for Odow’d to expload early and hold on.

  • Tim Cannon

    I predict Heritage will show up too confident and Albany will capitalize….besides, I’ll be wearing my lucky hat.

  • Cougar Mama

    ALBANY 12, Heritage 3!!!!

  • Tim

    Mckbooth….you’re 0 for 2 in your last comment…any predictions? tell ya what.. come out and see for yourself.

  • mckbooth

    Well I guess I’m not as great of analyst as I thought. Concord did a great job of switching pitchers when Odow’d was crushing the ball, they made 3 plays at the plate on throws from the outfield. At the end of the day it was two errors on Odowd that closed there fate. Congrats to Concord for playing above the hype.
    I really can’t explain the Albany team. I didn’t think they had the pitching to hold off Heritage. I saw them get blasted by odowd early in the season and that was my reference point. After seeing Heritage crush Moreau I thought surely this was the end. Wow for them to go all the way is really special. What a great season, they’ll remember this one forever.

  • Tim

    If you were at that game against O’Dowd, you didn’t see Albany get blasted. You saw 5 unearned runs out of 8 total runs that came in on errors. One bad inning when Albany lost their collective cool. That is the only time all year when it happened. So, thanks for the congrats, since Albany deserves all the credit they’ve earned. At 26-1, the Chron still puts them behind Redwood and Notre Dame-Belmont, one of whom they beat, and the other which has 8 losses. The ignorance/bias is blinding. The best record in the bay area deserves better. At least the CCT sent some guys out to watch and witness them.