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Livermore baseball ranked No. 1 in California, Arroyo No. 19

By Kyle Bonagura
Monday, May 26th, 2008 at 3:05 pm in Uncategorized.

You have to get a subscription to get the full rankings (mine recently lapsed), but has elevated Livermore to the top spot in its overall state baseball rankings.

Yes, that includes SoCal teams and schools from every attendance division.

The Cowboys will host Arroyo in the NCS semifinals on Wednesday.

Update: The Dons are ranked No. 19 in the state, No. 5 in D-II, and No. 7 in NorCal.

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  • ErnDog

    Kyle, can you share a few other rankings with us???

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I’m working on getting my subscription back right now. I won’t be allowed to give the whole rankings, but I can fill you in on some local teams among them.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Ok here, we go:

    (I’m not permitted to give out the whole rankings, just the local teams involved)

    Overall state rankings: 1. Livermore, 19. Arroyo.

    Northern California rankings: 1. Livermore, 7. Arroyo, 10. Clayton Valley

    D-I (state overall): 1. Livermore
    D-II (state overall): 5. Arroyo, 10. Alameda
    D-III: 5. Northgate, 10. O’Dowd, bubble, St. Mary’s

  • Scorekeeper

    Thanks for the rankings, now I feel stupid for saying we were underrated