Singleton vs. Jack in Arroyo-Livermore Baseball Showdown

I just confirmed the starting pitchers of Wednesday’s North Coast Section 3-A East Bay semifinal game between No. 5 Arroyo and No. 1 Livermore.

Arroyo coach Eric Anderson will throw senior southpaw Alex Jack, while Livermore coach Dave Perotti confirmed that senior Dave Singleton, another lefty, will get the ball. Both are the aces of their respective teams. Here is a glance at the numbers, according to MaxPreps.

JACK: 10-1; 5 CGs; 3.17 ERA; 66.1 innings pitched; 38 runs; 30 earned runs; 52 hits; 80 Ks; 27 BB.

SINGLETON: 10-1; 5 CGs; 1.88 ERA; 82 innings pitched; 38 runs; 22 earned runs; 74 hits; 76 Ks; 21 BB.


  • Cowboy Up

    A great pitching matchup for the semifinals.

    Who’s pitching for College Park and Clayton Valley tomorrow night?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    They are two good pitchers. Singleton sits around 82-84, but he mixes it up well and normally has good control. If he doesn’t have control, then he could get into trouble because of his velocity. I just don’t see that happening though.

    Against Irvington on Friday, he was very good and Livermore is a lot better defensively when they have Hart at 3B, Graham at 2B and Christopher in CF.

    Once again though, if Singleton gets in any trouble I wouldn’t be surprised to see Perotti go to Graham.

  • BVAL Fan

    I think it is going to be Sidhu vs. Willhite

  • RFielder

    Whoever executes and makes plays will win the game.
    No doubt about it. Both teams are well coached and this one should be another great game.
    I’m takin Arroyo on this one because they have the heart and determination to win.

  • BaseKnocks

    So what RFielder is saying, is that Livermore LACKS the heart and determination to win?

    You hear that boys?? Better find those hearts.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    BaseKnocks- My interpretation is that RFielder has a personal connection to Arroyo and is speaking positively about the Dons. I didn’t read it as a diss toward Livermore, but that’s just me.

  • ErnDog

    BaseKnocks, I am certain that the comments by RFielder were made as positive comments towards Arroyo, period. Nothing more, nothing less…

  • ErnDog

    Clearly, Arroyo – Livermore is going to be a “big-time” game. Outstanding pitching and coaching on both sides.

    But, I have to tell you that I do not believe that Livermore has faced an opponent who, from spot one to spot 9, can hit like these Dons.

    I say…Arroyo 5 Livermore 2

    Point: As I have been looking at Livermore stats, I see a high number of errors. Against a team like Arroyo that is simply asking for trouble…

  • Cowboy Up

    Yep, based on MaxPrep, looks like Arroyo will breeze by Livermore…

    Better bats, better gloves, more heart, more determination…this should be an easy one for the Dons.

    Start picking out those Coliseum seats now.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Arroyo definitely can hit, but a lot of those stats are boosted from in the HAAL. There is no way a team would hit .379 in the EBAL, it just wouldn’t happen. I would say Foothill and Livermore’s lineups are just as good as Arroyo (although Foothill forgot to show up against CP). As good a season the Dons have had at the plate, it wasn’t all that great against Alameda (6-for-33).

    As for Livermore’s defensive woes, my guess would be that most of those problems occurred when Hart or Graham were pitching. With Singleton on the mound, they are pretty solid everywhere, there is definitely a difference when he is not pitching because of all the rotating they half to do (especially when JR pitches, because then they lose their best defensive infielder and have to take Christopher out of center and put him at SS and replace him etc…)

    Tanner Laran, who plays RF, was the best defensive outfielder I saw this year, hands down and Sylvester (UOP commit) is easily the best defensive catcher I saw as well. I dunno who watches Cal Hi Sports Bay Area, but they have footage of the relay from deep RC to get a guy at the plate on Friday. One of the better defensive plays you’ll see at the HS level.

    Arroyo would scare me if I’m Livermore, but on the other hand, Livermore is the top-ranked team in the entire state of California — and for a NorCal team to have that honor is rare.

    I think the winner of this game will be a heavy favorite in the championship game.

  • Scorekeeper

    I agree 100% with RFielder’s comments. He is right on the money in that they are both 2 extremely talented teams, with 2 incredible coaches, but Arroyo has been the underdog all season long. Against De La Salle they were underdogs, against Alameda they were underdogs, in the regular season they only lost to BOD once in extra innings and killed them in the first game between each other and lost the league title because of a silly rule. Livermore is the #1 team in California, but I feel Arroyo is the one team that can beat them.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Arroyo wasn’t an underdog against DLS. Most everyone picked Arroyo to win that game.

    As for the league title. They didn’t lose it, they are co-champions. NCS can only have one champion from every league, so that’s the tie-breaker for home-field purposes. Them losing the home field/auto bid didn’t hurt their seeding (ahead of O’Dowd).

  • Scorekeeper

    Everyone I talked to about the Arroyo-DLS game said Arroyo was not that good of a team, and that DLS was the defending champs and had the advantage. Being co-champions is nice, but Arroyo should have won the championship outright because they obliterated BOD in the first game, and lost by 1 in extra innings in the second one. Why would the team that wins the second game be league champions?????? Makes no sense to me. They need to find a new way. But thats not the point. Arroyo never recieves any respect for what they accomplish.

  • Cowboy Up

    There’s a ton of respect for Arroyo out here in the wine (and Cowboy) country…

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Anyone who said Arroyo wasn’t a good team was obviously not very well informed. Anyone who followed East Bay prep baseball this year knows they are a good team and have been better than DLS all year.

    I disagree that they should have won the championship outright. They split with BOD, the scores really don’t matter, a win is a win, no matter how it happens. The only fair way to do it would be have a one-game playoff.

    All tiebreakers have flaws, where as it would be hard to argue against the winner of a playoff. If two teams are tied for the league lead at the end of the season in the MVAL, and they split, they have a 1-game playoff for the No. 1 seed in the MVAL playoffs. Which then determines who will be the designated champ for NCS purposes.

    The designated champion for NCS purposes isn’t really that big a deal anyways, the rule was created (at least my opinion) to make sure every league got some representation in the postseason.

    As for DLS being the defending champs, that was in name only. Most of that team who won the title for DLS graduated shorty after last year’s championship, it was a completely different team.

  • Scorekeeper

    I know the championship part doesn’t matter in the eyes of the seeding committee. But to a fan, the championship looks really nice, and if you’re a player/alumni you would love to have that championship. But the one-game playoff seems like the only fair way. But on the subject of being underrated, we are in my opinion underrated, but I know how people put their own opinions into their statements, like how DLS would win, but like you said, the team’s main nucleus graduated, so they were not the same team.

  • ErnDog

    Cowboy Up, believe me when I say that the Arroyo team community has BIG TIME respect for the Cowboys and for what they have done this year.

    But…that was then…this is now…

    And if you really think about it…when all is said and done…who REALLY has more “at risk” here??

    Arroyo??? Who has never won a NCS playoff game until this year?? Or Livermore??? Who is in protection mode of their #1 ranking in the East Bay, #1 ranking in Northern California and #1 in the State…

    Arroyo, with those certain “intangibles” that no one can ever define…A team with a level of team chemistry that is ever so special…truly… A TEAM…A TEAM OF DESTINY…

  • RFielder

    You’re obviously ignorant.

    We’ll see you guys on the field tomorrow.

  • BaseKnocks


    With all your Rudy/Rocky metephors aside…its a game played by 17 and 18 year old boys.

    BTW, since when is having a 6’4 225 pd lefty an INTANGIBLE?

    Then and now? Isn’t the now the 2008 season, the whole season?

    Lastly, the #1 ranking and the “protection” of it. Livermore could win this game and lose the “top spot” because a SoCal team wins by more runs.

    The only thing these boys can control is their effort.

    Let’s just hope the fans stay in control…on both sides.

  • BaseKnocks


    What I am not is a parent or relative. And what I am not doing is “taking” anyone on the game. Just excited to see what happens.

    Also, see us on the field tomorrow?? Are you a player? If not, how will you be on the field? 🙂

  • RFielder


    Don’t worry about who I am.
    Just know that I will definitely be at tomorrows game.

  • BaseKnocks

    As will I.

  • Bay Area Baseball

    Everyone is jumping to conclusion that Arroyo has high batting average compared to Livermore and such statitics… However if you take a look at Livermores record you will see they have beaten top ranked teams ranging from. Foothill twice, Monte Vista twice, Bellermin Prep, Irvington twice,Clayton Valley. All ranked in the top of East Bay. Not to mention having to face every teams number one in hopes of knockin off the top seeded Cowoys.Ebal compared to HAAL shows a big difference to me.From my viewing of the Alameda Dons game, the Dons struggled when it came to fast pitching on the mounds reaching highs of 88, if Graham plays into the pitching roll expect trouble for the Dons. My pick Livermore.

  • ErnDog

    Boy, looks like there is a LOT of emotion out in BayArea prep land today. Can’t we all just “get along”??

    I too expect an outstanding game. But there is no need for “personal” shots being taken at anyone.

    I also will be at the game. Cheering, observing, just enjoying the moment.

    GO DONS!!!

  • Ballfan

    I am hoping to be out there as well. In honor of how far these programs have come, in addition to their current coaching staffs, I want to give a shout out to the youth programs that helped to develop these players including Washington Manor youth programs, San Lorenzo Little League, San Leandro Babe Ruth etc (not as familiar with the Livermore programs, but I imagine some of these kids played Tri-Valley Babe Ruth – repeat Babe Ruth WS participants and champs).

  • ErnDog

    Ballfan, I join you in your comments. Congrats to all!!!

  • Ballfan

    It’s looking doubtful that I’ll make it out to Livermore this evening. Will anyone be providing periodic updates?

  • Michael Bower

    Odds are there won’t be any periodic updates, but check back here around 5 p.m. just in case. I will be bringing my laptop to the game to try to get a wireless signal. If there is one, then I will blog live. But if not, then you are out of luck.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    There isn’t a wireless signal at Livermore, however, I have limited internet access on my phone and I can provide scoring updates every inning or so. Look for that, I’ll most likely just keep replying to this comment thread.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I’m in the same boat as Kyle. I’ll try to do a little blogging from my smart phone. Although, since I’ll be in Moraga, it’s fairly likely I won’t get that great of a connection.

  • Ballfan

    Thanks for whatever info you can provide – appreciate your efforts. Worst case, I’ll look for Michael’s, Kyle’s, Jimmy”s, erndog’s, and cowboy’s reports later tonight

  • Steve friend

    Singleton sucks, can’t believe I recruited him to chabot..didn’t throw one strike