NCS baseball updates

The fellas and I will be doing our best to provide updates from the games we’re out at today. Keep an eye right here and we’ll try to update as much as possible from our phones and whatever wireless signals we might be able to steal.

NCS 2A East Bay

No. 7 Piedmont 13, No. 3 Campolindo 7, final

The connection on my phone is solid out here at Campo, so I should be able to at least get some periodic scores.

We’re in for a treat here at Campo. Doing the PA announcing is Dick Callahan, the former voice of the Golden State Warriors and current voice of Cal football and fill-in voice of the Oakland A’s.

Highlight of Piedmont’s seven-run second inning was a Bryce Chu 2-run homer.

No. 1 Northgate 7, No. 5 El Cerrito 3, final

NCS 3A East Bay

No. 5 Arroyo 3, No. 1 Livermore 1, final

No. 15 College Park 1, No. 11 Clayton Valley 0, final

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ballfan

    Thanks guys for your work so far. I wish I was in Livermore, but it’s fun to get scores on all four of these contests in real time. CP v. CV appears to be a true classic in the making. That CP tourney pitching has sure been impressive!

  • Ballfan

    Big Congrats to Alex, Nick and all the Arroyo Dons! Can’t wait for more details beyond what Kyle’s already provided.

  • EBAL Champs Fan

    A real good season to The Livermore Team.Lots of good things happened all season. 3-1 final. Actually 3-2 on a bounced 3rd strike the umpire didnt call. The Dons have 1 good player and that was enough as the Cowboys left their bats in the locker tonight. Class team,parents on the Livermore side all game.

  • BaseKnocks

    Upset parents for Livermore? Upset at the situation at the time or upset at the decision for the change of pitcher at that time?

    Good game, kinda boring, 3 hits for Arroyo 2 for the Cowboys, 2 errors for the Boys, 1 for the Dons.

    More runs, more hits, less errors usually wins the game.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    They were unhappy with the decision to change pitchers at the time… it turned out to be the right move though.

    I don’t know how you can question a coach who leads the team to the best season in school history and relieves a pitcher (who obviously didn’t have his best stuff) to a guy who has been so good all year.

    Ahhh, high school sports.

  • bleacher bum

    It wasn’t the pitching change we were opposed to, it was the short stop/center field change that made no sense.

  • ErnDog

    Congrats to the Dons on their win over Livermore.

    But lets get real here. Was this Livermore team that we saw today the REAL DEAL??? Just dont think they brought their best game today. Did not see any real fire nor passion from them. Probably a big time coaching issue here. Sometimes you start to read and to believe the headlines and rankings.

    Singleton (absolutely understand this is just one game) did not impress me at all. However, JR Graham is one HELL of a pitcher. Would give Pries a BIG-TIME run for his money at any college program, let alone high school.

    There is a LOT more that needs to be said about this game, both in content and expectations.

    More later… any responses???

  • EBAL Champs Fan

    Congrats to Alex and he should help the Team with the 3 innings he has left Saturday. I thought he was very good. Unfortunately He wont be able to carry this team like he did Wed.It wasnt pitching the problem tonight for Livermore it was 2 costly defensive mistakes that cost them the 2 extra runs. Not to mention poor at bats throughout the lineup. Coaching was fine. Winning EBAL playing against good teams all year. Once again a great season!

  • EBAL Champs Fan

    Once again great season Cowboy fans! I really think the Dons would play maybe .500 Baseball in the EBAL Baseball.

  • Ballfan

    Anyone have details on the College Park 1-0 victory? Looks like the game of the night for sure!

  • groundskeeper

    The Dons are winning and still aren’t hitting on all cylinders. Their team hitting still isn’t what it was when they lost the slugfest to BOD 13-12. As for the pitching, it’s what’s keeping these games close but if you asked me the real ace on the Dons is Greg “the Machine” Boyson. Bring on The Coliseum, Go Dons!

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I heard that College Park won on a walk-off walk in the bottom of the seventh (they were the home team at Clayton Valley since that’s decided by a coin flip). Here’s the box score.

    Clayton Valley 000 000 0— 0 6 3
    College Park 000 000 1— 1 5 0
    At Clayton Valley HS
    Wilhite and Cavestany. Sidhu and Wells. W: Sidhu (9-4). L: Wilhite (8-2). 2B: Arruda (CV). Records: Clayton Valley 19-8, College Park 18-9.
    Highlights: CV — Wilhite CG, 6.1 IP, ER, 5 hits, 4 strikeouts, 3 walks, 2-for-2; Bruno 1-for-2; Arruda 1-for-3. CP — Sidhu CG shutout, 6 hits, 9 strikeouts, 2 walks; Goonan 1-for-2; Nuyten 1-for-2; Holcomb game-winning RBI.

  • groundskeeper

    Ebal champs fan, your cowboys lost fair and square. You’re probably one of the no class snobby fans I was sitting next to who was calling one of the Arroyo Players with Long Hair a Girl and other ignorant remarks. Hopefully the kids have more class then some of the Livermore fans But even the Livermore catcher gave an Arroyo Player a Shove in the back during the home run celebration. Well Arroyo is Headed to the Coliseum….Nuff Said

  • RFielder

    EBAL champs,

    Dave Perotti after the game came over to our dugout by himself and told us that we were the best team he’s seen this year and that we would’ve won the EBAL without a doubt by a longshot.

    So keep talking dude cuz we showed you guys up today.
    nuff said.

  • ErnDog

    EBAL Champs Fan: Did you say 500 in EBAL?? You might ask that question of San Ramon Valley, DeLaSalle, Alameda and now #1 ranked in the State (well not after tonight) Livermore . You can not tell me that Arroyo beat all three teams because they caught the other team on a bad day.

    Arroyo, as a team, is very strong defensively “up the middle (Petros, Johnson, Grucza and Richardson), fundamentally sound, outstanding starting pitching (Jack and Machado) and depth…depth…depth.

    And, oh by the way…17 out of 18 wins. To say that the Dons have only one good player is to show disrespect for yourself because any true baseball fan would know better.

    As the great Ric Flair says…..TO BE THE MAN…YOU’VE GOT TO BEAT THE MAN!! DONE DEAL…GO DONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BaseKnocks

    Let the coaches coach. No need to knock them or either of the teams. Pitching and defense win, they always win.

    Couple more issues:
    SS/CF exchange?? see no issues Singleton has a great glove and Christopher did fine at SS, including a big time double play.

    Really!! Really?? the Livermore catcher shoved an Arroyo player in the back during the home run celebration? If anything, he was caught in the middle of a 24 man celebration of a wind aided pop up.

    BTW, nice break Arroyo on the 1st inning non throw to 1st after a strike 3 ball in the dirt.

    Good Luck Arroyo Jacks in the final.

  • BaseKnocks

    Arroyo had 3 hits today. Scored on a ground out, wild pitch and a pop up to right.

    Safe to say Perotti was being congratulatory and nice, but win the EBAL?? Come on.

    Did Arroyo beat any of the EBAL team 17-1 and 20-2 like they do in their league?

    Any given day…….

  • EBAL Champs Fan

    Again 1 decent Player! 3 total hits. Ghetto talking teens for Arroyo fans. Nothing unclassy of both parents sides. Ive never seen Police at a game before until tonight?

  • ErnDog

    BaseKnocks, do you remember Livermore losing to another HAAL team and committing 5 errors???

    Bottom line: When a very good team has a very ordinary hitting day (3 hits, solo jack, ground out, etc.) but has suburb pitching, they win…and you lose. It’s not fantasy…it’s reality…it happened tonight…deal with it.

  • ErnDog

    There goes EBAL, playing the social-economic card…

    my apologies…good evening…

  • BaseKnocks

    Dealing with it just fine.

    Just sticking up for the fans/players and coaches who are getting shots taken at them.

    Its easy to remember cause it only happened 3 times. And I believe that was a 3-2 loss to CV. That great CV team that scored 3 runs when given 5 extra outs. Whats your point?

  • BaseKnocks

    I believe GROUNDSKEEPER went to the Snobby Card 1st. So please apologize for your HAAL brother as well.

  • groundskeeper

    Baseknock or should I say Ebal Chumps. Listen and listen good. The one play you’re crying about was a correct call. There was a runner on first, strike three, ball in the dirt and a throw to 2nd base for the Force Out. Sheesh…. Your team lost fair and square….Game Over!

  • Cowboy Up

    Congrats to Arroyo — they were definitely the better team on the field today. There were some very good at-bats against JR. The Livermore bats were awful today — Alex Jack pitched great.

    Defensive mistakes were the difference in the game. Arroyo was able to take advantage of the opportunities, making the most of two hits.

    Looks like the College Park – Arroyo matchup should be a good one. Best of luck Saturday night…

  • get some

    give credit to jack he shut down the boys on a day when they left their bats somewhere else. the home run would be a can of corn for CF any other day on top of an error that was costly for livermore. top of the 1st while arroyo went in the dugout livermore would have scored 2 runs but the umpires made a mistake on the strikout( curveball in the dirt). thats baseball though. graham was unhittable none-the-less. livermore showed class while arroyo was questionable. good luck to arroyo at the coliseum. unbelievable season for livermore!

  • BaseKnocks

    The ump said the ball never hit the dirt, which it obviously did. Just pointing out a potential big play.

    Game over indeed. Good luck Saturday, assuming all your players are eligible. NOW THATS A SHOT. J/K

  • RFielder

    EBAL Fan,

    Arroyo outplayed you guys today. 3 hits, scoring on a grounder. Whatever.
    It was the little things we did right today. Making routine plays. Playing airless baseball. Plays in the outfield.

    Thats what Livermore couldnt do today. Arroyo just took advantage of it.

  • Scorekeeper

    EBAL Champs Fan….come on man, you lost!!! Why do u have to go throwin shots at Arroyo. I know most of the people in the stands for Arroyo, and I know for a fact almost all of them are not “ghetto talking teens.” I must say though besides the so called “push in the back,” Livermore has a classy program, beautiful field, and a very good team that just plain and simply got beat.

  • get some

    hey groundskeeper..whos the ebal chumps kid. haha hilarious really! 24-3 are you kidding me. please educate yourself before you start commenting on the game. explain to me how the strikeout-throwout to 2nd is a forceout. you obviously don’t know baseball. the strikeout would make two outs, the runner has the option to advance. it is not a force. and you claim to be a groundskeeper?

  • BaseKnocks

    Lets talk about the biggest travesty…

    $8 to get in and realize non of that money goes back to the programs.

  • Scorekeeper

    Groundskeeper has it semi-right. 1st base was occupied, meaning strike three no matter if its in the dirt or not, is an out, and the runner at 1st advances to second at his own will. He tried to advance and he was caught stealing. So the umpires did in fact make the right call.

  • Badabing 5

    Just telling arroyo I was in the stands and your fans are the most ignorant fans I have ever met. They made more rude comments than any fans I have seen this year. Maybe if there parents taught them some respect there wouldn’t be cops at the game waiting for them to do something stupid.

  • BaseKnocks


    with two outs runners on or not u must throw down or tag the hitter on strike 3 in the dirt. There were 2 outs and the runner was not caught stealing.

  • RFielder

    EBAL fan,

    You’ve obviously haven’t been to a real playoff atmosphered game.
    The cops were there to make sure nothing gets out of hand.
    And Arroyo fans are nothing ghetto at all.
    They were just hyped up and really into the game.

  • EBAL Champs Fan

    Yes the players won fair and square. Good Game. The Ghetto fans,long braids,ect.ring a bell? NEVER have we seen cops at a high school game! They are following Arroyo! Sorry.Once again parents were fine on both.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    All the fans were fine at the game considering the high-intensity atmosphere.

    However, I don’t get what the point is to take cheap shots at each other online, come on guys, stick to baseball.

  • BaseKnocks

    Tough for Arroyo to make an error when Livermore either struck out or popped up.

    They hit 3 balls on the ground, bang bang play at 1st in the 1st, error on ss in the 5th?? and grounder to 2nd in the 6th??

  • Cowboydown

    Cowboys were not prepared for this game as well as the last half of the season. They did not improve at all. They actually regressed. They were down 8-0 to Amador on bad defense, down 6-0 to Foothill on bad defense, and 10 runned by Monte Vista. If not for several quality players at the top of the lineup they would have 6 losses. Their pre-season included powerhouses like Dublin twice and Mission San Jose. Their coach spends more time laughing with the camera men than coaching his baserunners. That is a fact. Livermore is a solid baseball team and had a good year, but hardly #1 in the State. I would think a State champion would have a tight defense and just look at all the errors this year on Maxprep. Do they ever take infield work at Livermore?

  • Scorekeeper

    My fault Baseknocks….i thought their was 1 out…which would have made it the automatic out and caught stealing.

  • BaseKnocks

    Cowboy down,

    Nice work…trash the coach. Typical angry parent. Way to focus on the negative. It is always the coaches fault when an 18yr old cannot make a 50 foot throw. Guess what your saying is that they spent too much time on hitting then on defense. If so, then Jack must be the best pitcher ever. Calm Down.

  • ErnDog

    Was just wondering if anyone read Kyles’ story this morning where he quotes Livermores’ coach Dave Perotti as saying the Arroyo team was the best team they had faced all year long???

  • BaseKnocks

    What else is he going to say? Act like some other coaches and never give credit? They were the better team yesterday.

  • bigmat

    Jimmy Durkin…Thanks for coming to Moraga! Given that we started 4 sophomores and a freshman we have some good baseball in front of us. Hope to see you again more often next season!

  • Carol Knight

    Congratulations to all of the Arroyo Dons Baseball Team
    Way to make our community proud. Go Dons!!!!

  • Jill Pomykala

    GO DONS!!!!

    Great Game Guys!!! I am proud of all of you!!!! It’s been great watching you play throughout the years!!

  • jjoaquin

    Give me a break here people – bottom line, Arroyo won. BOTH teams had a great season and ALL players/ coaches should be proud of their accomplishments.

    I wasn’t going to comment but after reading comments about Arroyo’s unruly fans I need tell you, I was in center field and listening to Livermore students sitting on the container “trash talking” to Arroyo’s center fielder was appalling. After listening to them for awhile, although outnumbered, I asked them to stop. Knowing it was all in fun, it was still too much – and all you’re saying about Arroyo fans was actually happening by Livermore students. As far as the police there, don’t know why you said they’re following Arroyo – we’ve NEVER had an incident needing police – maybe they just wanted to see a good game of baseball!

  • Jimmy Durkin

    No problem Bigmat. I enjoyed the trek out there. It was obviously a rough start for Campo and once Piedmont started hitting, it just seemed to steamroll from there. A nice spirited comeback in the seventh though. Good luck next season.