NCS 2A East Bay Baseball Championship (Northgate vs. Piedmont)

 Hello everybody. Welcome to our live blog coverages of the East Bay baseball championship at McAfee Coliseum.

The blogging for these games is going to be happening on our sister blog, Prep Corner. But since blogger Kyle Bonagura got caught in traffic on his way here, I thought I’d get this thing rolling.

Let’s get to the details shall we. It’s No. 1-seed Northgate (24-2) vs. No. 7 Piedmont (19-7-1). By virtue of a coin toss, the Broncos will be the home team.

Here is Highlanders’ starting lineups:

1. Alex Steady CF

2. Jordan Remer P

3. Bryce Chu 3B

4. Alex Menke LF

5. Kyle Bonacum RF

6. Lawrence Davis DH

Trevor Fleshman C

7. Trevor McCalmont SS

8. Ryan Patee 1B

9. Jeremy George 2B

Here is the Broncos’ lineup:

1. Jack Cartwright CF

2. Michael Kosturos RF

3. Blaine Johnson C

4. Kevin Krueger 1B

5. Chris Pelayo LF

6. Joey Dell’Anno SS

7. Daniel Kent DH

Luke Bartlett P

8. Daniel Moore 3B

9. Mike Navolio 2B

Now that Kyle is here in the press box. You can catch all the action at Prep Corner.