Prep Coverage Suggestions or Thoughts

We have wrapped up another prep season and I wanted to give the readers a chance to give us feedback or suggestions with the coverage in the newspaper and the Prep Corner blog.

We welcome any positive or negative feedback and any ideas that you may have to help the prep sports section get better. So, please comment below!


  • Donfan

    overall… tremendous job this season. tremendous. the whole sixth man contest was awesome this year. everything was great and all writers should be proud of the work you all did. for real real

  • interested

    When is the spring all-times coming out?

  • Michael Bower

    We will be done selecting the teams by next week and then we probably are going to shoot to have it run by the end of June, I would think. I will have something more definite at a later time. But I would think end of June or early July.

  • Michael Bower

    Thanks for the nice post, Donfan. We really appreciate it. And thanks for posting so much this year. It always makes it more fun when everyone gets involved.

  • Ballfan

    I know the CC Times did pre-season baseball previews for some, but not all leagues in the East Bay. It looks like there will be a lot of turn over in many of the leagues and I’d like to see a pre-season preview for all the leagues.

    One other suggestion: liberally post cites to articles to prep stories appearing in sister publications – For example, I live in Oakland, but it’s nice to know when the Daily Review is running an exclusive feature on Arroyo baseball.

    Thanks for all your work this season. I especially enjoyed the added insights provided in these blogs.

  • Michael Bower

    I like those ideas, Ballfan. Thanks for the input. Hopefully our website gets a lot better for next season. We just got some new software so I expect it to.

  • ss396

    I like seeing the outstanding photos (that never appear in the paper) in the Times Prep Photo Gallery online.

    I really reading the blogs. There is a lot of good information and insight in the blogs and it allows the reporters to go beyond the limitations of space available in the newspaper. The blogs from the NCS seeding meetings and the blogs from the NCS games were outstanding and entertaining.

    I enjoy the columns devoted to the high school sports, i.e., the buzzer, the mustard, the whistle, etc.

    How about a little more prominence in the paper to the all-league teams? The spring teams were in the fine print in the box scores and you really had to look for it to find it. I can’t remember if the fall (football) and winter (basketball) were handled the same way or not.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the coverage of the next season of high school sports.

  • Ballfan

    I have an idea to the fires burning over the summer: A lot of us know about those who signed NLIs in November, but what about the late signers? even would-be walk-ons? How about a blog post on where the seniors we watched play ball this year are heading to next year to play or to try to keep on playing? Staff could start with what they know and posters could fill in with some names we may not have known about. what do you think?

  • VegasBill

    Great Job guys. Loved all the information. This blog helped me score some big time wins with the bookie on boys basketball and football. With this inside information I was able to be well informed and come out on top.

    Great Job Guys!!

    Have a great summer and take a break. You deserve it for all the hardwork you have done.


    No more gummy bear football next year. That was kinda lame.

  • XTower

    I would like to read more about the potential demise of the Oakland Section/Oakland Athletic League. This has HUGE implications not only for Oakland and the North Coast Section, but statewide.
    If the section is dissolved, will it precipitate the SF Section being gobbled up by the Central Coast Section? If so, can we finally have a true state football playoff system instead of this lame BCS-type selection committee?

    This whole ordeal is a joke. Just another example of the Oakland Unified School District’s complete incompetence.
    Shoot, give me the commissioner’s job … I’ll do it cheap!

  • interested

    Any updates on spring all-times?

  • Michael Bower

    Let me clear this up for ya. There isn’t going to be any All-Times teams anymore.

    Now that the old ANG newspapers and Contra Costa Times have combined (BANG-East Bay now), we are going to have All-East Bay teams for every sport. The teams will run in all the papers (Tribune, Daily Review, Contra Costa Times, etc…). As of right now, the run date is set for July 5.

    The old ANG papers have already been doing All-East Bay teams, but the CCT has been doing the All-Times teams. This just means athletes from all over the East Bay (instead of only in the Times coverage area) will be considered for the team. Before, the CCT only considered athletes in its coverage area.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I’m sure you’ve seen the three or four stories on the topic already in the paper and there are more on the way as the summer moves on. Right now, the situation is in a stage where it is expected to be discussed again at next week’s Board of Education meeting. There should be a vote that will lead to a thorough review of the Oakland Section and it’s budget and lead to public hearings to gather opinion about a possible move to NCS. It’s pretty predictable what will happen at those hearings, I’d say, as there are A LOT of people very heated over even talking about joining NCS. Anyways, we’ll keep you posted and as things progressed we’ll get some stuff up on the blog about it as well.

    Oh, as for that whole commissioner job, get yourself an administrative credential and the job’s yours. I’ve already been asked (jokingly, I think) by the person in charge of hiring if I’m interested in getting the credential to take the job. That does seem to be the biggest hang up because several people would be interested in the job if that requirement were taken away, but I have it on record that that absolutely won’t be considered.

  • XTower

    Funny how history repeats itself. http://www.socalhoops.tierranet.com/archive/prepnotes/1198/oak1113.htm

    An administrative credential? Oh man, I just got done with school. No mas, no mas!

  • Terry Smith

    Your coverage of high school football has been excellent. Complete stories on how each game played out along with the stats & scoring summary of each game have been very informative. I know that our players, parents,school staff, alumni,friends,& relatives go to your newspaper to see how the team and other schools are doing. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael Bower

    Thanks, Terry. I am looking forward to next season!

  • ErnDog

    Quick question for staff…

    Are you still set for a July 5th date for release of the All East Bay teams (for all sports)???

    BTW, your entire staff (especially Mike Bower) has done outstanding job covering prep sports in the East Bay. Heres’ hoping that Management will increase, not decrease, your resources.


    Go Dons!!!

  • Michael Bower

    Thanks for the kind words, ErnDog. Yes, we are still set on a July 5th release date.

  • ErnDog

    Thanks, Michael. And once again, my words to your Management structure.

    There IS a market for prep sports in the Bay Area!!! The demand IS there…

    Now, your challenge is to figure out how to “mine” the nuggets…

    Go Dons!!!


    Just as long as it comes from the ANG side of the staff and it will be just fine.

  • ErnDog

    EBAL FAN, the tone of your blog seems to indicate a “problem” of some sort re: who selects the All East Bay teams. Can you share your thoughts on the subject??? Would appreciate.

  • PirateFan

    ErnDog if the spring sports All East Bay teams are anything like the All East Bay football team,it will be predominantly players from schools covered by the Contra Costa Times.

  • Tim Smith

    Best Prep coverage in the Bay Area. Especially enjoy the off beat & hard luck stories about prep kids & coaches who have to go the extra mile just to participate in prep sports. There is some degree of interest, especially on the conversation boards regarding private schools versus public schools in level of competition, fairness, etc.
    Would like to see some articles regarding effect/influence of club sports vs high school sport programs, e.g soccer, swimming, basketball, water polo, etc.—what % of kids on winning high school teams actually are involved with club sports? Keep up the good work.



    You are dead on right with your assumption. The Times is calling all the shots now and with their overall general lack of knowledge of anything outside of their own house, the BVAL and DFAL players – with an occasional EBAL player – will get all the coverage. They reluctantly look outside of their own little bubble covered world. Look at the year they didn’t include Courtney Paris on their girls basketball team, despite the fact they have a weekly paper which covered.

    Despite valient efforts from people like Bower, Hoose and Bonagura, the HAAL and MVAL kids will forever suffer to people to ignorant to travel outside of their own comfort zone.

  • ErnDog

    EBAL Fan, sorry I wasn’t around to respond to your last blog. Thanks for the confirmation and compliment.

    GO HAAL and the DONS!!!

  • fan

    i thought logan would keep it close since they went 10-0 last year but guess ever year is a new year