East bay product coming home?

Larry Gurganious III announced last week that he is transferring from Gonzaga to a school closer to home. I talked with Gurganious’ dad, Larry Gurganious Jr., and he did confirm that the 2005 Times Boys basketball player is transferring.

He wouldn’t say which school are in the running but it would be closer to the East Bay. Larry Gurganious III is also waiting on an NCAA waiver to be able to come in and play right away. Gurganious III missed time due to injury at Gonzaga and is hoping the waiver will allow him to play right away.

Here is a link on Gurganious III leaving Gonzaga.


 Stay tuned.


  • Ell-Sean Smith

    Good for LGIII. His dad is a good guy and I’m sure he was pivotal in his son not wasting another minute trying to get to a program where he will get the time he deserves, whichever program that may be. Larry will benefit whichever school he decides to attend.

    That said, just in case this topic hasn’t been addressed here, I wondered what many of you think about the number of kids who come back from a school out of the area. Sure there are the obvious reason such as being homesick, the environment wasn’t what they had anticipated, or there were just problems fitting in, but what, if anything, can be put out there to curtail the number of “bouncebacks” so that we can see locals finish where they started?