De La Salle Football: Montana headed to SoCal?

Eric Sondheimer reported Tuesday morning on the LA Times’ “Varsity Times” blog that De La Salle junior quarterback Nick Montana, the son of Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana, picked up enrollment papers at Newbury Park High School on Monday.

The post goes on to say that a final decision has not been made on a potential move, but that the Montana Family was looking at houses in Ventura County. According to the report, the 6-foot-2 quarterback often trains in the L.A. area with private quarterback coach Steve Clarkson.

Montana, who has been the DLS starter at the freshman and JV levels each of the past two seasons, is behind senior Blake Wayne on the Spartans’ current depth chart. However, the two of them have been sharing reps in 7-on-7 summer passing league games. It’s unclear whether De La Salle coach Bob Ladouceur intends to use a two-QB system during the regular season, but it’s certainly something he’s made work before.

As a junior in 2007, Wayne — a traditional veer offense quarterback — successfully split time with the more pro-style passing senior, Mike MacGillivray. The different look each quarterback gave the Spartans’ offense gave opposing defenses fits when it came to scheming against the De La Salle attack. Montana’s older brother, Nate, was the third string quarterback on the 2007 team, but was playing in his first season with the Spartans and did not have the knowledge of the veer offense that Nick has after two years in the system. Nate made out just fine, however, gaining preferred walk-on status at his dad’s alma mater, Notre Dame.

To read all of Sondheimer’s post, click here.


  • kyle

    i think that is stupid. what a girl.

  • Lance

    I think it is a mistake for this young man to leave DLS for perceived greener pastures.
    Starting at QB or not, the experience of playing on the most storied high school program in the country is nothing to take lightly. If anything, it assures he will get a serious look by all D-1 colleges.
    I understand the offense is not a pro offense, but that doesn’t mean a QB will suffer at the next levels. For example, look at Matt Guitierrez, now with the Patriots. Matt succeeded in making the team, and, might, perhaps, become the heir apparent to Brady.
    Good luck, Nick. I wish all the luck in the future, but you may end up regretting your decision.

  • Dose of reality

    How can he get a look sitting on the bench? Recruiters do not scan the De la salle sideline saying damn that guy next to the cooler could probably help us.

  • Joe

    While a storied program, De LaSalle is also a very system oriented program. Much of its success comes from repetition and disapline. Montana is a more traditional QB and less of an option QB that tends to thrive at Dela. Its unfortunate that he’ll have to move to Oaks Christian, but now he’s playing with other high profile guys like Gretzke’s kid and Wil Smiths. Oaks runs an offense that will showcase Montana’s strengths far better than De LaSalle.

  • joseph

    This move highlights the loopholes that still exist in the CIF transfer policies. The loopholes like most, are only big enough for the very rich to pass through. So this kid does not start or feel that the offense in cindusive to his recruiting process so he moves to the mecca of high school recruiting Oaks Christian. What about the 6’4 wr who lives in the YV attendance area or the kid who was a great QB that happens to be in the same class as Sam Keller. They do not have the luxury to find a fit. But the rich can buy their fit and that just plain sucks. So good luck to Oaks Christian and their tremendous recruiting machine. By the way how much worse are they than the guy at Franklin who got the toughest penalty in CIF history, the difference being he put up a bunch of Samaoans in america who could not afford the move to better their future while OC just moves in the sons of stars who can’t get what they want out of their schools of residence.

  • Mr. Matt 42

    I applaud Nick and his family for making the move to Oaks Christian. Although DLS is a fantastic elitist school and has produced many NFL players, both current and past; it is NOT a QB factory. The fact that as Americans we have the right to transfer our student athletes to “greener pastures” is what makes this country great.

    To the gentleman who mentioned the Southern California school recruiting: Could be further from the truth. Joe Montana has his finger on the HS “pulse” and understands the best interest for his son. If you recall, DLS was guilty of recruitment for years before CIF and the Bay Area Coaches Assoc. began to file complaints. Anyone know where Amani Toomer lived while at DLS? Berkeley. How about D.J. Williams? Pittsburg. And what about Saleem Mohammed? Yup Pittsburg. Last one for trivia night. Super Bowl Champion Aaron Taylor.. anyone anyone? Marin County. And guess what; Nick Montana lived across the bay 30 miles away. What loopholes are there in a transfer for CIF? Should a 16 year old student be penalized for his family moving or wanting to switch schools? This isn’t the NCAA. It isn’t about Rich, or Poor.

    Hail Hail

  • junior

    Mr “ignorant” Matt…i challenge you to support your claim:
    “If you recall, DLS was guilty of recruitment for years before CIF and the Bay Area Coaches Assoc. began to file complaints.”

    where, ANYWHERE, is there evidence that even a COMPLAINT has been filed against DLS for recruiting?

  • DLS doesn’t recruit- another ploy from outsiders to degrade the program after their teams get their hat handed to them. Parents and students want to go to DeLa. They pay to go to DeLa. Everyone pays, according to financial aid. D. J. Willkiams Mom had to work two jobs. By the way, he was from Hercules. Aaron Taylor lived in Marin City, that’s near San Quiten, his Mom wanted him not to grow up in the area and they moved. As far as other cities, DLS is the only Catholic High School in Contra Costa County. Catholic schools draw from Catholic grade schools, it’s called a feeder system. As for Toomer, he had a chance to go to St. Mary’s and had an interview. They didn’t offer as strong of a curiculum or program than De La Salle, he was more impressed with them, the next high school to Berkeley is through the tunnel to Concord. Other Catholic high schools have students from all over also, Bellarmine, Serra, etc. St. Mary’s Berkeley in the 1960’s and 70’s had students from Contra Costa, Oakland, Hayward, San Fransisco, San Ramon Valley and beyond.

  • PHS04

    Colvin,i believe he was ineligible his senior year for about 6 games meaning he wasn’t there for the education.. He had all the physical tools for a full ride to Oregon though.
    Call it recruiting or not, but sending football camp letters to all the west Pittsurg youth football platyers does help, what is a 12 or 13 year old doing getting a football camp inviteby mail?? I know because i’ve gotten 3 in the same season, maybe it helped because i had 3 interceptions on 4 passing attempts in one game, or because i walked kids from 30 yards away?? or was it because i was running a 4.6 as a freshman?? i don’t know, but my heart stuck in Pittsburg. Blanche got the same invites, except he couldn’t pass the entrance exam, they don’t recruit, they give you opportunity.. for the best non public coaching around.. bs.. its recruiting if you are talking to non area highschool kids or even sending them mail

  • Frirst of all, they do have the best coaching around , period. Pitt coach Vic Galli is from De La, player and ex-coach. Marlon Blanton(SPSV) is a former player and ex-coach. Patrick Walsh(Serra) is a former player and ex-coach. I could go on. No surprise that these teams alone are playoff bound every year, Serra in WCAL beat Bellarmine during the season, SPSV had a NCS championship in 2006 and ran a 23-3 streak over two years, 3 times BSAL champs and NCS runnerup last year and Pitt, well you should know the story. Terry Edison is the best defensice coach in NorCal, Joe Alioti is a Pitt product/ex-coach from the ’80’s, he is one of best at his positions, ex All American at Boise St(QB), Terrell Ward(DB-JV coach) lettered at SDSU and played pros. Justin Alaumblaugh is the successer to Lad, Mike Pannela is considered the brains of the operation. Even Marlon Blanton has 2 more DLS ex-coaches in his stable. Come on now, Lad has been offered jobs at the college level, the most winningest coach in California, High school Hall of Fame member of coaching, awarded all kinds of awards nationally and a big speaker to coaching clinics. If this doesn’t add up to the best coaching, then what does? As for Pop Warner, lots of DeLa kids do not play Pop Warner and many do. Pop Warner is not a measurement to a successful high school career. Many of those kids burn out, play out of position, etc. I was on two championship teams at SMCHS in the early ’70’s and not one single player played Pop Warner and Pop Warner was big then. Taking Talent and developing talent through coaching gets results. DLS record of players moving on to the colleage and pro ranks is outstanding, they lead the area all-time. The most important fact, the graduate 98% of the team and student body to college, appx. 80 % to 4 year schools. Most of their coaches also teach. I guess that’s another form of recruiting? It sounds like making the right choices to me.

  • dnrapp

    Like Big Joe says DLS is the only catholic high school in that part of Contra Costa County. So if any partent from Brentwood all the way to San Ramon wants to send their kid to one DLS is the one they would go to. However as far as Tooomer and Berkeley goes. I believe St Eliz and BOD are closer to Berkeley than DLS.

  • dnrapp

    Give it a rest PHS04, Just about every school offers camps to middle shoool, pop warner players. They also offer camps for baseball and basketball players. Big deal you got a letter in the mail. I bet every High School can get mailing address for every pop warner player from the pop warner teams. I bet they also placed an add in the newspaper for the camp.

  • junior

    PHS04 you be hatin’ yo

  • PHS04

    lol i just know a few facts