Little League baseball

Is turning into a joke


Check out that video to see a story of a town in Ohio that canceled their All-Star game.

It’s just another step backwards in youth sports. These parents who are overprotective of their kids feelings drive me nuts. I’m not sure what the rules are in all the leagues, but in Tassajara Valley they don’t allow 10-year-olds to play “Majors” or 9-year-olds to play “AAA.” They also have a 5-run rule in innings 1-5.

My question would be who are the new rules supposed to be protecting? By putting the more talented 9 yos with the less talented ones, there is going to be an even bigger separation in the calibers of play and the less talented kids are going to be even less successful. Five-run rule? At what point are kids going to learn that they have to work hard to be successful in life. Sports are a microcosm to life in that respect and kids are now getting taught that life is fair when it’s not.

I can vividly remember little league baseball (I’m 23) and the guys I grew up playing with still talk about it. It was a big deal back then and all of us turned out ok (I think) … this “everyone wins, everything is fair” philosophy is a joke.

Rant over.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.


    That’s amazing. If they do that, then there should be no awards for the kids with the best grades, lest we make the rest of the kids feel inferior. I am so sick of this liberal crap which is taking over our society. The I’m OK, You’re OK is crap. You want things in life, you have to work for them. People who put in the effort, be it in sports, school, work, etc., deserve everything they get.

  • Tom925

    TVLL is a joke. Their tryouts are no better than a parade. They look at batting at 35MPH even at the Majors level. The guy that runs Pony in their area is VERY happy with the TVLL board as so many of their players have come from TVLL. I do not beleive in the everyone wins way of our culture but TVLL is an example of how NOT to run a league.

  • We commented on this Little League story too. Here’s the link.

  • erndog

    Quick question. I believe that I heard Pleasanton American Little League went all the way to San Bernardino before losing to the team from Hawaii.

    One. is that true??? And if so, I have no remeberence of reading about much of any of it after District 45 playoffs in the Daily Review. Being a news / sports junkie I kinda think I would have seen it…

    Any comments…

  • KBonagura

    It’s true. We’re losing space more and more space and unfortunately youth sports took a hit. There was a story in the Valley Times and Herald about the Pleasanton team, but it wouldn’t have appeared in the Review.


    Ern Dog,

    Pleasanton lost in the Regional semifinals to Hawaii. But the kids can take heart that in the first game of the Regionals at San Berdo — they no-hit Hawaii, losing on an error….

    Great run by the kids from P-Town!!!