Free youth football camp

I got forwarded an email yesterday about a free youth football camp being held in San Leandro from July 28-31. I wouldn’t normally think that’s a big deal but when I saw the roster of coaches that are planning to attend, I figured I’d share it with everyone.

Tony Sanchez, Head Coach Cal High
Darren Brimele, Defensive Coordinator Cal High
Doug Longero, Head Coach Las Lomas
Ron Thompson, Defensive Coordinater Granada High
Mike Nelson, Defensive Coordinator San Ramon High
Alonzo Carter, Head Coach Berkeley High
Brad Bowers, Head Coach San Leandro High
George Zuber, Head Coach James Logan High

That’s a pretty solid list of local coaches. The camp is being sponsored by 24-Hour Fitness and is being held at San Leandro High School. For more info, call (925) 543-3120 or email football@24hourfit.com.


  • keith thomas

    would like to find out more information about the camp for my 16 yr old son to attend

  • David

    I would like to find out if my 11 year old nefu could attend this football camp. I would also like some more details about the camp.