From Winton Dr. to the big screen

My colleague Jonathan Okanes sent me a rather funny notebook from yesterday’s L.A. Times written by Jerry Crowe. It seems that Nick Montana, the recently transferred quarterback from De La Salle, is being targeted by a filmmaker to star in a movie.

Nick Montana, a recent transfer from Concord De La Salle High to Westlake Village Oaks Christian, has caught the eye of filmmaker Waide Riddle, who e-mails to note that he would like the junior quarterback and son of Joe Montana to read for the lead role in his new movie, “Red River County.”

Notes Riddle: “Nick looks exactly like my character Josh, what I had envisioned when I wrote the short story and screenplay. This is a star-making role.” . . .

Welcome to Hollywood, Nick.

I have to admit, I had a good laugh when I read that.



  • Waide Riddle

    Call me slow, but, I just fell upon this page…
    I guess it is rather amusing, isn’t it. I called and emailed Jerry Crowe and he was more than helpful to me. I am very thankful and appreciative for this. Thank you Jerry. On the other hand, Joe Montana’s people were NOT as professional. I gave plenty of opportunity for Joe to respond to me regarding his son Nick. It was pretty much all in vain. Not responding was a bit tacky in my opinion. A simple yes or no would do.
    Anyway, I held auditions recently and cast a terrific new actor, Joshua Stevenson, 19 years old, who read fearlessly and attacked the role in a fever pitch.
    Yep, I was amused…