Prep Football Almost Here!

We have just over a month to go until the 2008 prep football season kicks off.

This should be an exciting season as powerhouse De La Salle moves to the East Bay Athletic League and the North Coast Section has a new playoff alignment in place, which combines the East Bay with the Redwood Empire.

Also, there will now be five divisions, which means more teams will make the playoffs. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing? Making the playoffs use to mean something, not sure that will be the case anymore? I don’t know, I haven’t made up my mind on that one yet. I will let everyone else out there throw out their thoughts.

Anyway, I was out at Las Lomas High last week and got a chance to watch San Ramon Valley and the Knights play seven-on-seven (there were no linemen). Obviously, SRV quarterback Joe Southwick stood out. He showed off a very strong arm and great accuracy in the drills. Standing out for Las Lomas was senior receiver Diante Jackson. He was running some great patterns. At one point, he caught about five passes in a row on the SRV defense.

I wanted to get the football string going for the fans out there. I want to hear your thoughts on the upcoming season. Who should make our 25 players to watch list? What teams will shock? What are your predictions? Anything prep football related, we want to hear about it!

See ya out at the games soon!


  • XTower

    Cardinal Newman played James Logan two straight years.

  • fan

    what about logan??

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Is there any football played South of Hayward,,, Lets get some info on the MVAL

  • HAAL Fan

    Coach Zuber’s Colts look good. I had a chance to see them at the Logan Contact Camp and even for being so early on in the summer they looked pretty solid. It may have been due to the time frame but it didn’t look like they were as athletic as years past. I’m sure the absence of Rashad Evans may have had something to do with that. Also, Newark Memorial hosted a passing league tourney and from what I hear had a very impressive outing against some rather strong schools. It looks as if the race in the MVAL is once again between two stallions and a couple of donkeys.

  • CV fan #25

    I was at the Logan Camp and Logan is not as good as they were last year. The best team there was Castlemont and us. Mt.Eden was the worst team there. Tennyson has a good QB, but they don’t have anything else. Logan doesn’t look like a championship team. Newark or Washington will beat them and win the MVAL. Coach Seiden will bring us the HAAL. Last year, we could have beat O’Dowd if we didn’t turnover the ball so much,we lost 17-12. San Leandro barely beat us. Our early losses were lessons learned. it all we lead to us winning the HAAL title in 2008.

  • dnrapp

    I don’t know about that CV Fan. You guys lost a lot more players than SL and BOD did. The SL game was alot closer on the scoreboard than on the field. You only got that one big play by Dash Oliver while SL had 2 TD passes droped and 2 more where the WR came down on the sidelines that would have been TD’s. From what I remember about the BOD game your OFF did not do very much againts BOD either.