30 Questions to Kickoff: Preview

The bug has bitten us, and yes, we know that the high school football season is just over a month away. So we’re taking the bull by the horns, and starting tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 1), we’re debuting a new feature here on the East Bay Prep Sports Blog. It’s called 30 Questions to Kickoff and it will feature one question a day having to do with the upcoming high school football season. Either I or fellow football writer Chace Bryson will post a question and answer it with some short analysis. What we’d like is for people to weigh in and let us know whether you agree with what we have to say or whether you think we’re completely off base and should never be allowed to cover football again.

So, check back here tomorrow for the first question of the month. And, keep an eye on contracostatimes.com throughout August as we’ll be posting video league previews featuring The Geeks as we gear up for the East Bay Prep Football 2008.