30 Questions to Kickoff: Dive! Dive! Dive!

One of the major topics that is bound to come up several times in the next couple weeks is the new league alignments. And part of that realignment, is actually, a brand new league! The newly-formed DVAL (Clayton Valley, College Park, Concord, Mt. Diablo, Northgate, Ygnacio Valley) is quite intriguing on paper, and leads to our question for the day.

Chace’s question: Looking at the offensive philosophies of some of the DVAL programs, and you almost wonder if the ‘D’ in DVAL stands for dive back. Ygnacio Valley, Northgate and College Park all employ very run-heavy offensive attacks, and each have proven to be successful at it. With the Warriors and Falcons each having talented backs returning to their offensive scheme this season, they could certainly be considered favorites for the first DVAL title. So how will the pro-style offenses in the league stack up? Can they stack up?

Ben’s answer: The answer to the second question is yes, but with a caveat. The reason I say that is because we’re going to need to see in the first few weeks if the pro-style teams, the Clayton Valleys and the Concords and even the fly offense of Mt. Diablo, are improved from a year ago.

The tougher question to answer is how they will stack up. Simply put, they’re going to have to put their hard hats on and go to work on a weekly basis. Teams like YV and College Park aren’t going to come out and run by opponents. What they will do is try to overpower the opposition with good blocking and good execution.

When it comes to YV, the Warriors will look to find a complement for Patrone Wood II. If they can find a Michael Callan-type, someone with good outside speed, they’ll be dangerous. It’s almost the same story for College Park as the Falcons return speedy Kenny Shrader in the backfield. If they can replace Danny Halliday with a comparable between-the-tackles runner, they’ll do just fine.

The rest of the league represents more of an unknown. Is this the year Clayton Valley QB Joey Levine comes into his own and leads the Eagles back to the top of the standings? Will Concord’s skill players get enough support up front to score points on a consistent basis? Will the return of Mt. Diablo QB Jimmy Rodriguez give the Red Devils a more consistent passing attack? 

It’s going to be an interesting season because we really will get to see which type of offense is more effective in the new DVAL. But, if you think like a coach, these teams all have one key to success that can separate them from the rest of the field: execution. It’s that simple.


  • mdfan

    the Mt. D QBs jame is Jaime Rodriguez( although he goes by Jimmy)

  • mdfan

    sorry for the typo i meant his NAME* is jaime rodriguez… but he goes by Jimmy.

    Not Jesse Rodriguez