30 Questions to Kickoff: Can Diante throw to himself?

We’ll go in our backyard for this one.

Ben’s Question: I roamed the Las Lomas sideline for more than a few games last season and I was continually amazed at the plays that WR Diante Jackson made. The guy is big, he’s fast and he’s got incredible hands. Last year, he developed quite a rapport with QB Max Yago and he benefited from having guys like Corey Paclebar and Danny Ward to share the load. This year, Paclebar, Yago and Ward have departed and Jackson is the Knights’ unquestioned top threat on offense. Faced with that reality, who will throw Jackson the ball and who will step up to help take the load off his shoulders?

Chace’s answer: The lucky person set to inherit Diante Jackson as his go-to receiver is Lucas Gorton.
The junior quarterback was a backup to Yago as a sophomore, and even got some time under center during a few blowouts.

Knights coach Doug Longero is very confident in Gorton’s ability to take over the offense. And let’s be honest, as long as he’s throwing to Jackson, he’s going to be just fine. And to be perfectly honest, we wouldn’t be incredibly surprised to see Diante lined up in the shotgun every once in awhile. Longero can be a wiley play-caller in that regard.

Not all the firepower is going to come from the passing game, however. Gorton and Jackson should get some help from the backfield as well. Longero eluded to a sophomore tailback who could go a long way in replacing the graduated Ward, so keep an eye out for that.


  • blf23

    i know alot corners in the oal, accal, san leandro, encinal, logan that would lock him up. saw him play he’s big but his speed did’nt wow me. have you seen the corners he plays against in the dfal, come on.

  • LLgram

    Probably so but he’s good as what he does. Why so critical of this kid? I’m sure there are corners that can challenge him but give him credit. What with all of his scholarship offers, the coaches must have seen something they liked.

  • blf23

    not impressed with the corners he went up against last year.

  • LLgram

    I’m not getting into a war of word with you and really don’t care whether you are impressed or not. This kid is my grandson and I am impressed by what he has done.
    No more comments from me.

  • blf23

    nothing personal buddy don’t know why u would take it like that. just answer me what team in the dfal played tough press coverage on him? better yet who was the best corner he went against?