Breaking baseball news: Steen to coach at DLS

Yep, you read that headline right. Rick Steen, longtime San Ramon Valley coach (the ballpark is named after him at SRV), has signed on to coach the Spartans of De La Salle. My colleague Chace Bryson just received word this afternoon via email and he’ll be working on tracking down some more details as the day wears on.

Steen coached at SRV from 1974-2007 and racked up 490 wins.¬†According to the release sent out by De La Salle, Steen’s son Andy is a Spartan alum. And, as Chace points out, Steen will be coaching an EBAL team this year as the Spartans join the EBAL. SRV fans, are you ready to see Rick Steen coaching from the visiting dugout at Rick Steen Ball Park?