30 Questions to Kickoff: Do two quarterbacks equal a title?

And now for the offense that seemingly everyone wants to know about.

Ben’s question: The answer to the title question, in traditional coach speak, is no. If you’ve got two quarterbacks of equal talent and who are playing the same amount of snaps, you probably don’t have a dominant player at the position. Well, the question takes on a whole different meaning when you’re talking about Piedmont. Last year, the two-quarterback system known as the A-11 was something of a novelty. People were more curious about it than anything. But that was before the Highlanders showed they could win with it and now, with QB Jeremy George returning for his senior season, the question becomes: Is this the year the A-11 breaks through and wins a BSAL title?

Chace’s answer: There’s no doubt that the A-11 truly has a buzz about it now. And it’s a sure thing that Piedmont is going to be even better at running it this season than they were a year ago, simply from familiarity and repetition. Still, I can’t say with solid confidence that the trendy new offense will net a league title.

My primary reason for caution is due to the new kid on the block, Encinal. The Jets are coming of a 9-3 season in 2007, and that was in a league of much larger schools. And what should be more concerning to the rest of the BSAL is that Encinal was very young last season. The Jets return are large portion of their roster, including 2007 standouts, QB Jonathan Brown and RB/DB Dominique Sashington.

Also, let’s not forget St. Patrick/St. Vincent. The Bruins haven’t lost a BSAL game since 2005 and have been in each of the last two North Coast Section Class A championship games.

I’m not saying we should count Piedmont out, though. Jeremy George back at quarterback will be a big weapon, and opposing defenses are still on a learning curve when it comes to trying to stop the A-11.

It’s no EBAL, obviously. But at the very least, the BSAL race could be a lot more riveting than it’s been in previous years.


  • blf23

    who r the players 2 watch fron st.pats?

  • Contra Costa Times Prep Sports Staff

    Well, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know a whole lot about the Bruins. I can tell you however that RB/LB Mike Meekins is returning and he’s the reigning BSAL Defensive MVP. Another guy to watch is QB Daniel Wallace, who returns for his senior season. So, those are a few guys to get you started.