30 Questions to Kickoff: Rivalry City

Let’s get down to what every high school kid loves to think about: rivalry games.

Ben’s question: In high school football these days, rivalry games don’t always come in the final week of the season. With the new realigned leagues, many natural rivals aren’t even in the same league anymore. You’ve got to hand it to the coaches though because in most instances, they kept these rivalries going with nonleague games. We all know that for the players especially, these games just mean more than the others. In that vein, which of the natural rivalries will have the most impact on this season’s final standings?

Chace’s answer: There are two rivarly games that should have ample implications this season. And the high school football fan can see both, if they so desire.

The first comes on Oct. 17 when the Battle on the Hill sees Campolindo travel to Miramonte. With the Diablo Foothill Athletic League shrinking from 10 teams to six, it means a much shorter five-game league schedule. This, in turn, means hardly any team can afford a loss once league starts. Two losses? Forget about it.  And seeing as how Campolindo and Miramonte look to be among the chief threats to league-favorite Las Lomas, this DFAL opener will be a must-win for both teams.

The other rivalry game to see comes Nov. 14 with San Ramon Valley going to Monte Vista in an EBAL finale. Theoretically, should a certain nationally-ranked team new to the EBAL perform as expected, both the Mustangs and Wolves are likely to enter this game with at least one loss. And with the EBAL being the meat grinder that it is, more than one loss could be likely.

Thus, the Battle of Danville could go a long way in determining position in the North Coast Section Division I playoffs. Also, if either team has state championship hopes, a team with two losses is almost always left on the outside looking in.