30 Questions to Kickoffs: How’s life on Winton Dr.?

So, we’ve avoided them all month. Now, it’s finally time to talk about the big green machine.

Ben’s question: It’s a tremendous stretch to think De La Salle will be good this year, isn’t it? The Spartans have plenty of talent again this season but there are a few questions that need to be answered, especially on offense. First, who will be the backup QB behind Blake Wayne?  Second, with Wayne the full-time starter, will the Spartans still be successful running their old standby offense, the veer?

Chace’s answer: As of now, It appears that the answer to the first question is going to be sophomore southpaw, Travis Pacos. The answer to the second question is an unequivocal yes.As of now, Pacos looks as though he will be the second-string quarterback, but seeing as how he began last year as the quarterback of the freshman team, he’s got a long way to go. Still, Wayne likes what he has seen from his young backup.

“He’s learning,” Wayne said after practice on Thursday. “He’s still got a lot to do as he adapts to the speed of the recievers and the routes. But he’s definitely shown some potential.”

Now to talk about Mr. Wayne.

Yes, the Spartans did have a really good thing going last year with the threat of the two-quarterback system, alternating between the veer attack with Wayne and the pro-stye attack with Mike MacGillivray. The Spartans should not skip a beat by primarily returning to the veer, because Wayne is the prototypical veer quarterback. Some believe he might end up being the best one the program’s ever had. But, as he was able to show last season, he’s not at all handicapped when it comes to throwing the ball.

Thus, assuming that the less-experienced offensive line develops as expected, Wayne could easily end up posting 1,000-yard seasons both in the air and on the ground. The potential is there, and De La Salle teams rarely fail to fulfill potential.