30 Questions to Kickoff: Island Chatter

Believe it or not we’ve already forged our way through 20 questions. We’re two-thirds of the way home, which means kickoff is just around the corner. Yet, we still have 10 more questions to go. Important ones, too. Like, who is Keyser Söze? Or, who ordered the Code Red?

Okay, a real question then:

Chace’s question: One rivalry game that we didn’t touch on in our “Rivalry City” post last week was, the Island Bowl — which is now a nonleague game in Week 1 now that Encinal has moved to the Bay Shore Athletic League. Both are coming off strong years as Alameda went 7-4 and Encinal went 9-3. So which team looks poised to have the better season in 2008?

Ben’s answer: I gotta admit, I saw the title to this post and immediately wanted to talk about Jimmy Buffett. Oh well. I’ll settle for some football talk.

It seems like we’ve assumed over the past few years that Alameda is automatically better than Encinal. I mean, the Hornets have been the better team a bit more consistently in recent years. This year though, I can’t say that. Coming into the season I think the Jets are the better team for sure.

Encinal’s got a lot going for it right now. QB Jonathan Brown, RB Dominique Sashington and the rest of the crew is back to take a run at the BSAL title. And plus, by leaving the ACCAL, I think the Jets have a much better shot at a league title. They’re a contender right now for the BSAL title.

As for Alameda, I think they’re due for some growing pains. Wes Moyer did everything for the Hornets last year except cook the sausages at the snack bar and the Hornets will be hard pressed to replace his production. They’ll be extremely young this year so it’ll be interesting to see how the first few weeks play out. If they play well, they’ll gain confidence and make a run in the ACCAL. If not, well, it could be a long year.


  • Coach

    Encinal will draw 1st blood…

  • smoke-a-lot

    was there any doubt? alameda 91 total yards. what happen to that potent offense there coach was talkin bout?

  • Coach

    Hey Ben, Chase, the refs were complaining about how muddy Alameda’s field was. Must had rain when the entire Bay Area was asleep.

  • Ben Enos

    I couldn’t tell ya what’s up with that. What I can say is that I’ve seen Bull Durham, and I know how Crash Davis got the Bulls a rain out.